RockMan In Srb2 + Download

RockMan In Srb2 + Download V12

in separate buttons like CUSTOM1, CUSTOM2 AND ALSO CUSTOM3
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I think that in a future update I'll put the same as Samus
you know i was tHinking maybe those random copy wEApons randomLy replace THose ringslinger rings

(there definitely isnt subliminal stuff hidden in caps)
uhhh i cant take contact damage or bubbles oh that needs a bug fix
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Kaikygamer1132 updated RockMan In Srb2 + Download with a new update entry:

RockMan In SRB2 V12

Now in this update he has NEW abilities to use like FIRE, SNOW and BOMB

Fire Ability: burn your enemies or friends :)View attachment 96888
Snow's ability: freeze objects enemies or friends
View attachment 96891
Bomb Ability: blow up enemies and the rest you know :)
View attachment 96893

bugs fixed:
it kept floating and now it doesn't float anymore
the jump was also fixed when he jumped the sprites went up.

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Cool i can freeze!
i can freeze badniks!

i can freeze rings!

i can freeze monitors!

i can freeze my afk bro

i can freeze... what i cant freeze?!

12/10 the best ice gun XD

if serious it's just very dumb and funny weapon! XD
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and else i found little bug ( l ul)
you can freeze if you not "rockman"

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Aight, I feel this needs to be asked. Before that tho, this is a p fun mod. Now onto the question: Why does Mega Man have an Air Meter underwater, when in any of the Classic, X, Zero, ZX, or even Legends games, this is not a thing?
If we get all six weapons from MM1, I'll be happy. (C1 for the previous weapon, [or Prev Weap.] and C3 for the next weapon [or Next Weap.]) We got Bomb Man, Fire Man (give Rock a shield of fire when you fire), and Ice Man so far, we need Cut Man (Simple boomerang attack), Guts Man (I don't know what to to with his weapon), and Elec Man (three-way attack, up, down, and straight ahead)
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