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Hexhog (SLW Sonic) v1


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I think it's very O V E R P O W E R E D
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I think it's very overpowered...
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Interesting idea but I have 3 issues.
For one, I feel this is rushed because you are missing a few sprites and the fact there's no Super Animation (which is a minor issue).
Two, why do I have to hold C1 to run? Not only this is a bad idea but it makes Black Core Zone 1 impossible to beat plus I don't wanna hold 2 keys at the same time.
Three, this gotta be at least the laziest boost I had ever seen. Plus this is only on super????? All it does is just make me mildly faster.
However I do like the creative thinking put into this like for an example for super you get infinite bounces and you don't have to press Space again to do another homing attack.
I could be a huge piss baby over the mod but I really think there needs to be some fixing.
The bounce bug has been fixed in the latest version (which isnt up yet)

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