Gambit's Autumn OLDC Submission


So first of all, let me just say, this thing is unfinished/rushed as all hell. It could be a scope problem, it could be me just not being used to doing these kinds of projects, regardless of what it is, I can't honestly say this is up to my own personal quality standard, but I did what I had to to make it finishable
Also I have Lua. my gamemap name is "azlantruin"

EDIT: I also have 3 console scripts: two of which dynamically change the camera speed during cutscene-esque spring/jump effects, and one which sends a /cecho.

my humblest of apologies for submitting three hours late

EDIT: Added level select picture


  • SL_AzlantRuinZone-v0.9.rar
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  • SL_AzlantRuinZone-v0.9-EMERGENCYFIX.rar
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  • MAP01P.png
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I just submitted a version of my map that fixes a potentially critical issue with one of my console script LDExecutors (avoiding it could cause the player's camera speed to remain permanantly messed up: the fix was to just stretch the sector out to extend to the other side of the thok barrier, as I had forgotten to do so when I was frantically finishing my map).

I understand if you're unwilling to accept this at this point, but if this remains unfixed, I could get a lot of people really angry at me lmao


Since I just realized that I never remembered to make a Level Select portrait, here you go. Check the opening post

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