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Hello everybody! I want to introduce you to the summer version of FHZ.
I practically didn't change anything. Only the emblems are found elsewhere.


This level is EVEN easier than FHZ. He doesn't pretend to be anything. It's just an ordinary level.


I originally reworked this level back in the days when I was just mastering Zonebuilder. This practice taught me a lot, but I abandoned the level, leaving it. And I forgot about it... but, I found it by accident! I wanted to use it in my pack as a bonus level, but I reviewed a lot and decided not to use it. And I forgot about him again! Only yesterday I found this level and decided to tinker a little with it.

You can find many bugs in this level!


Absolutely Re-Useable Content! I doubt this level will ever be useful to me.





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Although it could be considered a "recolor" of a level, it was at least an interesting. I'd say its different enough to be let into releases.

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WOW this looks and feels great plus it's a version of frozen hillside without the annoying ice, great job getting into submissions.
And there is not a single infuriating penguin in sight, this puts a smile on my face. :)

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this reskin is now my new favorite level.
you may not like it, but this is my choice lol


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I was thinking about making a Winter version of GFZ (all 3 Acts) and you did exactly the opposite thing with this!


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Holy cow, for being a "reskin" with some replacements, it looks weird but also cool seeing FHZ as a GFZ
Yes, i create alot of lmp's once i hit max i move em to my record attack folder, when im done i put the lmp's back then i enter the level and flow with the chaos.

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like a folder i create called record attack.

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