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"Complete game" unlockables don't unlock if you force yourself out of the credits

"Complete game" unlockables don't unlock if you force yourself out of the credits

Having deleted my save data to start fresh on SRB2 today, I beat the game in v2.2.2, reached the credits, was unable to skip the credits using jump, spin, pause, Escape, et cetera, and resorted to using the "playintro" console command to force myself out of the credits, since I didn't want to have to watch the whole credits, after which I skipped the intro like normal.

But I haven't unlocked ???? ?? ????? ????? nor Haunted Heights Zone, which have "complete the game" as their unlock objective/condition.
This is probably because that I never reached the post-credits scene, due to going from the credits straight to the intro using the "playintro" console command.
I assume that the same would happen when using other "leave the game" console commands, though I only know of "playintro" and "quit" (the latter of which just closes the entire game).

TL;DR: I beat v2.2.2, used "playintro" to force myself out of the credits, and didn't unlock "complete the game" unlockables.


The Marcos
Well, it's kinda like an exam. You do it/beat the game, and give it to the teacher/watch the credits. But it's like if you broke the exam/skipped credits before getting the mark/unlockable

It's just a matter of patience

time gear

Eternity in an hour
My understanding is you unlock items as the "You unlocked" text appears on screen, and not actually when you do the action required to unlock it. Basically, the requirement is listed as "beat the game" but the requirement is actually "get to the end of the credits".

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