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Default GME doesn't seem to like playing the DAC of YM2612 .vgm's that were made in Deflemask

Title, basically. Contained within the attachment are two files: one is a .vgm by SuperJet Spade, created using DefleMask, that uses YM2612 DAC for your listening comparison and pleasure; another is a test wad I just made (map01) that plays that exact same music file. You should notice that, when played in-game, there is no playback of the percussion samples. This does not happen with .vgm's made in any other format/engine/driver that i'm aware of. While ultimately not that big of a deal, it still kinda sucks for users of Deflemask who would like to make stuff that uses sega genesis/megadrive style chiptune compositions, since Deflemask is one of the most popular methods of creating YM2612 chiptunes (if not the most) of this generation.

Sidenote: And since I recognize this issue with GME is one that is probably out of STJr's purview, i'd suggest the devs, if they haven't yet already, check out Valley Bell's libvgm project. I'm not sure how functional this library is yet as I haven't tested it myself (compiling anything in Windows is damn near impossible lol), but if it can at least play YM2612 .vgm's accurately, I would strongly consider using this specifically to play .vgm's that have YM2612 in their header, instead of playing those .vgm's with GME.
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