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Default Dead Players can trigger sector effects.

In discord, there was a gif shown where BCZ3's lift was started early before defeating Brak. I also saw users triggering the exit in BCZ2 before the platform falls during a netgame.

Taking a closer look to see what causes that to happen... apparently dead players can trigger sector effects, although it seems to be when they respawn in the trigger area after falling through the floor since it took a few tries to get the lift started early in BCZ3.

I am in BCZ2 and I use the 'suicide' command to die. Upon respawning... the level was completed due to being within the exit sector below the platform.

I am in BCZ3 and this one took a few tries but if you respawn in the right spot... you can start up the lift early without needing to defeat Brak. Don't need to use the command for this one since Brak will kindly do it for you. The level won't end if you do this as you still need to defeat Brak to summon the lift since it teleports you to the exit.

While these were done in multiplayer since you respawn right away... I wonder if this can occur if the level header has 'NoReload'.

Welp... it also occurs with 'NoReload' in level headers. I had a custom map which has a custom exit FOF buried under the floor which rises until you do... erm... things. I triggered it after dying & respawning while being in it's FOF but the level didn't end when I respawned. Now... when I exit the level by normal means... the map that I go to is the one that was set by the custom exit. Even without using 'NoReload', you can still trigger certain sector effects such as 'Award Score' which carries over when you respawn.
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