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Jump ability: Double jump.

Spin: Lunge forward with fist extended. Locks onto enemies, breaks breakable walls or grapples onto solid walls to climb them.

Fire normal: A powerful, short-range but wide-area blast with the super shotgun that costs 10 rings.

If possible, he'd force you into first-person view at all times.

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Default Response to Puerto

Originally Posted by TehPuertoRicanSpartan View Post
I was minding about SM64 Mario for SRB2...
Jump - Normal Jump, Triple Jump (by pressing the jump button 3 times quickly on the ground), Backflip (while crouching), Long Jump (while crouching and moving)
Spin - Crouch
Midair - Ground Pound (spin button), Air Kick/Dive (custom 1 button)
Custom 1 - Punch/Kick (on the ground)
NOTE: SM64 Mario will slide when he hits the lower speed on steep slopes.

If you don't understand the moveset, I will try to edit this comment.
I say the Custom 1 and Spin commands should have their buttons swapped, since Spin is essentially the B button of SRB2, and Custom 1 feels more like a back button, much like Z (EDIT: He should be able to BLJ as well, that'd be awesome)

Aside from that though, I would really fucking want this in the game, I absolutely LOVE SM64, it's one of my favorite 3D platformers, if not my #1 favorite
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Well, I have two characters (Randy The Hedgehog And Zero the Gravity Breaker)
But Zero the Gravity Breaker is the one who is getting more infos about his skills
He has a speed dash skills like metal sonic, i now had a idea of a skill what i call a "Shield" and "Shield Blast", obviously with his name , he can break the laws of physics and gravity, the skill what i call "Ground Switching", i don't really have much about these two :/
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