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Final Demo Zone (vsl_finaldemo_v1_0.pk3) Details »»
Final Demo Zone (vsl_finaldemo_v1_0.pk3)
Version: 1.0, by toaster (トースタちゃん) toaster is offline
Developer Last Online: Apr 2020

Version: SRB2 Rating: (10 votes - 4.80 average)
Released: 12-10-2019 Last Update: Never Installs: 2
Single Player Levels Re-Useable Content Sprites/Graphics

Final Demo Zone is a technical experiment built during my time as a SRB2 developer, and turned into a unique playable experience.

Neo Aerial Garden Zone was an attempt to incorporate all three substantial acts of AGZ (plus minor trimmings) into a single stage. It was hailed as a technical accomplishment for the 2.0 era; while it had collision and HOM issues at the time of launch, the map fulfilled its goals admirably, and as its problems are removed (and bees are added) it continues to serve a vital role in base SRB2's unlockable structure as challenging postgame content.

But of course, it's kind of old hat now. It was built in a time where the cloest thing it had to competition was Egg Rock 2. It's gotten a new coat of paint to keep up with the ever-increasing standards of the singleplayer campaign, but the technical marvel behind its manifestation is lost when compared to technical juggernaut stages like Castle Eggman 2. And besides - isn't the blockmap limit feeling a little loose lately?

To prove that even the most impossible technical accomplishment becomes mundane - even banal, perhaps - with time and distance, Final Demo Zone is here. As you've probably guessed, this is literally all seven substantial singleplayer campaign acts (Acts 1 and 2 of GFZ, THZ and CEZ, and Act 1 of RVZ, plus a cameo from CEZ3) crammed together in one stage, doing everything in its power to stretch from one end of the blockmap to the other. Tags have been altered to avoid conflicts, object layouts have been tweaked to attempt guidance in the most tortured of these labyrinths, and minor outdated concepts like intangible midtextures have been updated for the changing conventions of the time, but I think you'll agree these are fundamentally recognisable as the original vintage present in the 1.09.x series.

If you're looking for a 100% authentic, all-object-types-SOC'd-in, all-bosses-present recreation, you should probably keep an eye out for SRB2 The Past (which this map uses as a base resource; thanks, glaber!). But if you're looking for a quick robo blast from the past to remind yourself of what things used to be like, with some modern amenities like record attack, an all-characters emblem hunt, and the harshest edges filed off a little bit - I think you'll agree you can't get better than this.

Spoiler: Version 2.2 spoilers
Of course, I didn't just decide to compile this map out of nowhere. Fast completionists, savegame sharers and eagle-eyed checklist snoopers will note Techno Legacy Zone is the 100-emblem unlockable of 2.2, featuring the old layout of THZ2 as it was during 2.1's development before Nev3r's redesign was inserted instead. I took one look at it and decided that it was fundamentally lacking as an unlock, and so got to work.

As I proceeded through my experiments, I developed a thesis for understanding why I didn't like the map so much. It made an unacceptable visual compromise for the sake of consistency (recolouring the pain-slime to green), violating even surface-level authenticity. Techno Hill 2 was a remake that made significant references to its old iteration - if the good parts of the content already existed in the campaign, the only things it'd have to bring to the table were the bad aspects. And there wasn't any significant draw - it was a fairly muted stage with no particular appeal beyond nostalgia, and actively went to great lengths to distance itself from that.

To that end, I constructed a rough prototype of Final Demo Zone. Its draw was twofold - a technical achievement unheard of in the original maps' time, AND a comprehensive, broad sample of content no longer present in SRB2, showcased as a single linear experience instead of an a la carte selection per SRB2 The Past. It didn't include RVZ at this time - partially because 2.1's version was still being used in the internal builds, and partially because there would have been no real reward for completing it unlike here - but it was direct to the point, provided a unique experience, and didn't compromise itself. If you ever question why I've made a particular decision in this map for one reason or another, it's because I was specifically building it as a vanilla unlockable until very recently.

Obviously, as you can tell by now, it wasn't included in the game because their priorities didn't match mine. I don't begrudge them for that, but I've still got this map and don't know what to do with it - so here it is in releases! :P
And of course, because some people want a hint to find the Chaos Emeralds...
Spoiler: Emerald location hint
Broken chasm of the lake
Curse and owner ever red
Defeat the act and wet spring take
Let the blanket rest your head

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Old 12-17-2019   #22
Just A Random Player.
S.T.F's Avatar

Really Nice mod my guy.
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Old 12-17-2019   #23
Metal Blake
Target locked and on sight
Metal Blake's Avatar

Originally Posted by Goldenhog View Post
@Metal Blake:
Someone is having a picnic nearby, on a tall cliff in the zone of green flowers
Yeah, I eventually found that.

I think they just only appear if you go through RVZ and I hadn't been. I was under the impression it was there just as an easter egg and wouldn't lead to anything.
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Old 12-23-2019   #24
Augus's Avatar

the crawla armies in these old levels are the funniest goddamn thing
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Old 12-23-2019   #25
Metal Blake
Target locked and on sight
Metal Blake's Avatar

Originally Posted by Augus View Post
the crawla armies in these old levels are the funniest goddamn thing
It's especially funny compared to now.

Enemy challenges now: Enemy is in a place you have to plan your moves carefully, lest you be hit and fall into a pit, or otherwise the enemy has something that requires a different approach to hit, be that a weird flight pattern or something that may hurt you if you jump at them wrong.

Enemy challenges then: !Prepare to face the hoard!
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You're worrying about pointless things.
Whether you were a good person or a bad person will not change the fact that you are a mongrel.
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Old 12-23-2019   #26
Jake's Avatar

I really adore this level for being a very quick nostalgia burst compared to the comprehensive (yet still highly enjoyable) The Past mod by glaber. It definitely feels like it could have been a legitimate unlockable in 2.2. The only thing I'd suggest, if you're willing to tamper with level design further, is make RVZ actually possible to complete as Amy (and Nack, sorta, I did get further with him once but I think I got lucky) by adding a red spring near the beginning on the lower section since she can't make that jump on her own.
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Old 12-24-2019   #27
frozenLake's Avatar

This is obviously just a problem with SRB2 itself, but: it seems like the game doesn't like having more than 5 emblem hints. Just something that is a disappointment.
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Old 12-29-2019   #28

What about the the emerald tokens?
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Old 12-29-2019   #29
Wandering Protagonist
Goldenhog's Avatar

There are no emeralds tokens, the emblems were placed where the tokens normally are.

If you want the emeralds, you'll have to explore. Explore Greenflower thoroughly, my friend.
Originally Posted by Asagi Asagiri
I need power over the people! The stupid, STUPID people!
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Old 12-29-2019   #30
Knuckles Chuckles
CyberKnux's Avatar

This makes me have old memories thank you for making this :)
Me:Everyone Search For BorisLlama Srb2Kart On Google!
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Old 02-26-2020   #31
GastricG71 is ingame name
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Originally Posted by NeonSonik15 View Post
Castle Eggman Act 3 has the best Knuckles fight ever.
Thats a chuckle
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