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SRB2 Destructive Illusion (v1.3)
Version: 1.3, by ManimiFire (Meow Motherfuckers.) ManimiFire is offline
Developer Last Online: Jul 2020

Version: SRB2 Rating: (12 votes - 3.25 average)
Released: 05-21-2020 Last Update: Never Installs: 8
Single Player Levels SOCs Scripts Code Changes Sprites/Graphics


That's right! After about 3 years in the making, Destructive Illusion has been finally released to the public!

Eggman and a group of Egg Robos were digging on Angel Island, in search of the Phantom Ruby.
However, they seemed to be out of luck when no sign of the Ruby could be found.
Suddenly, Sonic and Tails arrived on the island and encountered the mad scientist. Eggman took notice of the two, and had come prepared for such an occasion.
Eggman called out his lackey Metal Sonic to hinder the two while he locates the Ruby. Then, during their fight, Eggman's drillers uncovered it at last!
The nefarious doctor focused his attention on the Ruby, not taking notice of Metal Sonic's swift defeat.
Sonic rushed to Eggman taking down his flying Egg Mobile, leaving Eggman on the ground. Before Tails could get a chance to ensure that Metal Sonic was properly out of order, Eggman suddenly shouted: "Metal! Get the Phantom Ruby!".
Metal's eyes came to life and blasted off, snatching the Ruby out of its hole. But when Metal caught it, a huge surge of energy waved across the island, unleashed from the Ruby itself.
The wave left the doctor's machines broken and mangled. And before Eggman's very eyes, Metal Sonic disappeared without a trace, followed by the blue blur himself.
Furious with his finest creation'ssudden vanishing, Eggman explodes in anger at his nemesis who once again had interrupted his plans.
However, the minerals he and his robots uncovered on the island gave him an idea: "Perhaps I can make my own copies of the Ruby, and replicate its power!".
Once told about Sonic's disappearance, Amy joined with Tails to form a resistance against Eggman's eventual comeback, so they could get revenge and find out what happened to Sonic. The rest of the Freedom Fighters were nowhere to be seen.
And now, Eggman's new threat opposes the world. But a new face gets ready to fight back....

Important Bugs:

- It's HIGHLY recommended to play this mod in singleplayer first to get the definitive experience, since a lot of lag issues might occur.

-Frazzled Dungeon Act 3 is the most unstable in netplay and tends to desync players. It should be skipped for now if played in netplay.


"chooseback (none/flag/crystal/balloon)" - Choose a back equipment!
"choosetop (none/candle/cactus/OVA)" - Choose a top equipment!
"colorback (color)" - Choose a color for the back equipment!
"colortop (color)" - Choose a color for the top equipment!
"random" - Randomize your equipment and your char as well!
"setequipmentdefault" - The game will remember that this is your default equipment everytime you open it.


v1.3 -
*Fixed a major bug when an error softlocks the player in a cutscene.

v1.2 -
*Fixed a few dickish areas in DWZ1 and FDZ1.
*Fixed the issue with the masterserver.
*Changed some lines in the dailogue.
*Fixed the height problem with HH2's boss.
*Changed the rock's launch to avoid missing the target in HHZ3.

v1.1 -
*Fixed a problem with OpenGL not showing CCZ's flats.
*Reduced the amount of cactuses in CCZ.
*Fixed some typos.
*Fixed a bug that leaves the FDZ3 boss stuck.

v1 -
Initial Release.

di_skins.lua is not synced in netgames, it's used for cutscene animations support and can be modified anytime.

(Just taking here lines from the DI_Readme.txt)

Are needed to open DestructiveIllusion.exe.

You need to drag the files in the .zip to your default SRB2 v2.2 folder.

Source Code

Mirror for music file.

Download Now

File Type: lua di_skins.lua (38.5 KB, 1593 views)
File Type: 001 (30.00 MB, 1727 views)
File Type: 002 (30.00 MB, 1610 views)
File Type: 003 (7.96 MB, 1447 views)
File Type: zip DI Main (13.37 MB, 1619 views)


Click image for larger version

Name:	srb20083.gif
Views:	698
Size:	3.86 MB
ID:	31807   Click image for larger version

Name:	srb20089.gif
Views:	540
Size:	4.16 MB
ID:	31808   Click image for larger version

Name:	srb20090.gif
Views:	436
Size:	4.59 MB
ID:	31809  

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Old 3 Weeks Ago   #62
[Insert meme here]
Jonster's Avatar

So, I tried running the game (and I did put all the files in the right place), but when I try to open the game, it displays an error message from my PC and doesn't allow me to play it. It says that something that starts with the letter L (cuz I don't remember it) is missing from my computer and doesn't allow me to play it. Is there a solution?
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Old 3 Weeks Ago   #63
I wish I knew programming

I tried this mod with split-screen, it wasn't so bad, the only problem was that I couldn't customize the second character and the "custom 2" menu was very buggy for the second player
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Old 3 Weeks Ago   #64
nanananananananananananan a
Lach's Avatar

I saw some requests here for a Mac version of this mod, so I've compiled one: SRB2-DI-1.3-Darwin.dmg (GitHub fork)
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Old 2 Weeks Ago   #65
Ekitai's Avatar

The negatives overshadow the positves in this mod. Although the levels include some great, hard platforming as well as some good sections which take advantage of the speed, a lot of glaring issues show up during the first zone and persist till the end. The levels themselves are designed fine but stuff that stick out to me are turrets even on the first stage, and in that first stage they're over a bottomless pit with small platforms. Homing enemies are involved in every stage, but seem to be the most annoying in the first. This left me with a bad first impression, and only people's praises towards the mod made me continue. There are an abundance of bottomless pits that catch you out often. The only stage I really enjoyed was Frazzled Dungeon. It made perfect use of the new mechanics and really felt like a Sonic stage with unique gimmicks. Speaking of new mechanics, you get a grappling hook from Sonic Forces, which is really underutilised. The bosses are pretty good, but they take way too many hits to kill. I'd also prefer if the red flash didn't appear during the second phase, it's incredibly distracting. An otherwise great mod made worse by obnoxious issues.
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Old 2 Weeks Ago   #66
SRB2C Researcher
Winins's Avatar

Important bug: The Frazzled Dungeon 3 boss has a chance of locking, making him standing in his place. This mostly happens when you die once in the level.
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Old 1 Week Ago   #67
DreamcastDazia 平和
Default I'm having an issue

It won't load in all of the music for me for some reason. Maybe I have a bit of help please? Someone? :D
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Old 1 Week Ago   #68
The Ghost
ThatAzazelFire's Avatar

This Mod for what it's worth. it needs more. it's a legit attempt at a story, but it feels like it needs m o r e.

the Game just ending after 6ish stages is an absolute confusing thing

this mod was in progress for 3 years no? i was expecting a much grander adventure. nearing SUGOI levels of content.

but it just ends

anyway how i feel about things

Cutscenes: Dorky. silly, feels like a Fanfic, for better or for worse
Enemies: i like the idea of the Variants, i don't like the Cactus wearing minuses, again they need more to them.
Bosses: Some are annoying, some are decent, some are a pushover [Looking at you Virus 2]. One of the bosses is an out right 'remaster' from Kimokawaii. then again that was the act that was in Kimokawaii.
Eggman: He's so empty, like the Intro got my attention to "what is Eggman gonna do this time" but it just doesn't continue on
Virus: hey Metal Sonic you having a rough day? i like the concept. he just needs M O R E. he needs MORE to him, he feels like an empty threat in a way. the Infinite without the Infinite (and to be fair i didn't like Infinite either)
Sonic: there needs to be more about his disappearance, his whereabouts, yada yada. there needs to be more.
Levels: Painfully Linear, just pick the Fox to win. and again. not enough of them for a mod that took 3 years.
Story: Cheesy edgy fanfic. for better or for worse, again, needs more to it
Custom 2 Menu: i like it, that's about it.

Summary: This mod needed more if it took 3 years man, it feels incomplete. you tried, but you missed the target. i do hope this is a good learning experience if you ever decide to either remaster this or do a sequel. (i would personally suggest redoing it and expanding the amount of Content before doing a sequel)

Additional Note: this doesn't not feel like it took 3 years.
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Old 1 Week Ago   #69
antonretrojr's Avatar
Default A problem.

See attachment.

Why does the name get shortened to 6 characters in dialogue? That kinda bothers me.
Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	srb20021.png
Views:	56
Size:	104.1 KB
ID:	33557  
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Old 1 Week Ago   #70
[Insert meme here]
Jonster's Avatar

Originally Posted by antonretrojr View Post
See attachment.

Why does the name get shortened to 6 characters in dialogue? That kinda bothers me.
The name is probably to long.
He's faster than Sonic!...He's faster than Sonic!
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Old 1 Week Ago   #71
antonretrojr's Avatar

Originally Posted by Jonster View Post
The name is probably to long.
Then idk how to shorten it.
I don't quite like for my character to be called by the abbreviation (P.T.H), nor do I like squishing the name into the limit (Prkgia).

---------- Post added at 11:01 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:01 PM ----------

Oh right, I can just use the nickname Flame.
Knuckles is disappointed in your failures.
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Old 1 Week Ago   #72
Mr. Rule 17
Scoobert's Avatar

Well, manimi, this is certainly a completed pack of levels tied together with a story and unique custom bosses and enemies. None of those aspects are done very well, as I've come to expect from you, but I truly admire your determination. Very, very few people can say that they've made a wad like mystic realm and tortured planet, the wads that replace SRB2 in its entirety in an attempt to create a cohesive experience rivaling the base game. Keep it up.
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Old 6 Days Ago   #73
[A person in a place]
Kwiin's Avatar

Originally Posted by ThatAzazelFire View Post
Additional Note: this doesn't not feel like it took 3 years.
Oh I definitely believe this took 3 years.

I was datamining the pack for a few assets and I found loads of unused content. There was an SRB2 Quiz (lol), a fully sprited (actual sprites, not high res) unused Virus Design. An unused title screen that used that same unused virus design.
(this is a restoration I did of it that puts it on the titlemap)

There was an even older unused logo that looks a lot like Tortured Planet's. I never checked the maps folder but I wouldn't doubt there being unused maps in there. There was a nifty little "Unused" folder scattered in most directories I sifted through.

It seems like there was supposed to be a lot more to this pack, but many ideas he wanted to get in never came to fruition. There is some real effort and I don't doubt that he put 3 years into this.
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	DIUnusedIntro.gif
Views:	231
Size:	1.50 MB
ID:	33645  
Originally Posted by Nev3r
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Old 5 Days Ago   #74
Vinnie_Cuboid's Avatar

Absolutely Outstanding Job!
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Old 3 Days Ago   #75
'That brit'
Sryder13's Avatar

Hi, it's come to my attention that this mod does not change the MODID in the source in doomdef.h. This would have been a blocking step in submissions that was unfortunately missed. Since I believe this mod would be netplay incompatible with the base SRB2 game, I'll need to ask that you get a MODID assigned to it by Wolfy (Or another MS admin, but this is the only one I know currently). Alternatively, you can disable netplay in the mod by compiling the build with the NONET=1 option.
I can leave this in Releases for a week after now, but will need to move it back to Submissions after then until this is resolved.
Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience.
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Old 2 Days Ago   #76
TrailBlazer's Avatar

Oh so that's what happened to my old title screen.
Pretty cool.
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