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SRB2 Destructive Illusion (v1.3)
Version: 1.3, by ManimiFire (Meow Motherfuckers.) ManimiFire is offline
Developer Last Online: Jul 2020

Version: SRB2 Rating: (12 votes - 3.25 average)
Released: 05-21-2020 Last Update: Never Installs: 8
Single Player Levels SOCs Scripts Code Changes Sprites/Graphics


That's right! After about 3 years in the making, Destructive Illusion has been finally released to the public!

Eggman and a group of Egg Robos were digging on Angel Island, in search of the Phantom Ruby.
However, they seemed to be out of luck when no sign of the Ruby could be found.
Suddenly, Sonic and Tails arrived on the island and encountered the mad scientist. Eggman took notice of the two, and had come prepared for such an occasion.
Eggman called out his lackey Metal Sonic to hinder the two while he locates the Ruby. Then, during their fight, Eggman's drillers uncovered it at last!
The nefarious doctor focused his attention on the Ruby, not taking notice of Metal Sonic's swift defeat.
Sonic rushed to Eggman taking down his flying Egg Mobile, leaving Eggman on the ground. Before Tails could get a chance to ensure that Metal Sonic was properly out of order, Eggman suddenly shouted: "Metal! Get the Phantom Ruby!".
Metal's eyes came to life and blasted off, snatching the Ruby out of its hole. But when Metal caught it, a huge surge of energy waved across the island, unleashed from the Ruby itself.
The wave left the doctor's machines broken and mangled. And before Eggman's very eyes, Metal Sonic disappeared without a trace, followed by the blue blur himself.
Furious with his finest creation'ssudden vanishing, Eggman explodes in anger at his nemesis who once again had interrupted his plans.
However, the minerals he and his robots uncovered on the island gave him an idea: "Perhaps I can make my own copies of the Ruby, and replicate its power!".
Once told about Sonic's disappearance, Amy joined with Tails to form a resistance against Eggman's eventual comeback, so they could get revenge and find out what happened to Sonic. The rest of the Freedom Fighters were nowhere to be seen.
And now, Eggman's new threat opposes the world. But a new face gets ready to fight back....

Important Bugs:

- It's HIGHLY recommended to play this mod in singleplayer first to get the definitive experience, since a lot of lag issues might occur.

-Frazzled Dungeon Act 3 is the most unstable in netplay and tends to desync players. It should be skipped for now if played in netplay.


"chooseback (none/flag/crystal/balloon)" - Choose a back equipment!
"choosetop (none/candle/cactus/OVA)" - Choose a top equipment!
"colorback (color)" - Choose a color for the back equipment!
"colortop (color)" - Choose a color for the top equipment!
"random" - Randomize your equipment and your char as well!
"setequipmentdefault" - The game will remember that this is your default equipment everytime you open it.


v1.3 -
*Fixed a major bug when an error softlocks the player in a cutscene.

v1.2 -
*Fixed a few dickish areas in DWZ1 and FDZ1.
*Fixed the issue with the masterserver.
*Changed some lines in the dailogue.
*Fixed the height problem with HH2's boss.
*Changed the rock's launch to avoid missing the target in HHZ3.

v1.1 -
*Fixed a problem with OpenGL not showing CCZ's flats.
*Reduced the amount of cactuses in CCZ.
*Fixed some typos.
*Fixed a bug that leaves the FDZ3 boss stuck.

v1 -
Initial Release.

di_skins.lua is not synced in netgames, it's used for cutscene animations support and can be modified anytime.

(Just taking here lines from the DI_Readme.txt)

Are needed to open DestructiveIllusion.exe.

You need to drag the files in the .zip to your default SRB2 v2.2 folder.

Source Code

Mirror for music file.

Download Now

File Type: lua di_skins.lua (38.5 KB, 1627 views)
File Type: 001 (30.00 MB, 1783 views)
File Type: 002 (30.00 MB, 1682 views)
File Type: 003 (7.96 MB, 1505 views)
File Type: zip DI Main (13.37 MB, 1685 views)


Click image for larger version

Name:	srb20083.gif
Views:	709
Size:	3.86 MB
ID:	31807   Click image for larger version

Name:	srb20089.gif
Views:	549
Size:	4.16 MB
ID:	31808   Click image for larger version

Name:	srb20090.gif
Views:	443
Size:	4.59 MB
ID:	31809  

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Old 05-22-2020   #22
I am a Bot
NotAUser's Avatar

Originally Posted by juney View Post
i got sofflocked on the intro. can someone help me?
you mean the tutorial? you know that odd diamond shape thing on the pilliar? you can move it to a presure plate looking object infront of a door that'll open it
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Old 05-22-2020   #23
Ace Dragon
Ace Dragon's Avatar

Got through the first zone.

The good...
- It has the most custom code and the most custom enemies I have seen in 2.2 mods so far.
- In-game cutscenes are neat to see
- Custom intros, a hub world, and a custom GUI (with lots of custom code) is a nice touch.

The bad...
- The level design does not seem to measure up to all of the effort placed into this, you get very difficult enemies coming after you as soon as Desolate Forest Act 1 loads up (which could mean dying immediately if you don't get some rings right away). Slopes and FoF's appear to be underused in several sections as well.
- Very difficult bosses to start out with. For starters, the first miniboss makes it more or less impossible to not get hit due to how the weapons and the visuals work. Eggman at the end of Act 3 was a piece of cake in comparison. The visual and music choices for the first mini-boss also gives the impression it is trying too hard to be edgy, especially this early in the game. If you intend this pack to be a difficult one for experienced players, then it would be recommended to mention that.
- Is the equipment supposed to have a purpose other than decoration, otherwise I might just carry the flag the entire time?
- There are various errors that show up throughout gameplay (as spat out by the console), I thought the rules here on submissions was that creators need to make sure there's no obvious errors like that, I guess not.

So so...
- Was it not possible to have this as a standard .pk3 file that loads up from the addons menu?

Last edited by Ace Dragon; 05-22-2020 at 06:51 PM.
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Old 05-22-2020   #24
So2ro's Avatar

Ace summarized every criticism i was about to say, so thats nice

I really like being able to call myself cocksucker ingame tho
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Old 05-22-2020   #25

how do i play this mod on the MacOS version of SRB2 2.2.4?
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Old 05-22-2020   #26
I don't believe the hype
Steelie's Avatar

Not gonna lie, I'd expect a lot more polish after 3 years of work.

The scripting and cutscenes are a solid work. I certainly like the creativity involved in conceiving something like this. However the story is really.. lacking. Clichéd, generic and overly edgy. Tails and Amy feel like they just exist to orbit around the player. Not to mention they seem to be the entirety of the apparent resistance. Is everyone but 3 people dead? You should add some more NPCs to liven up the place. Also the main plot point of finding Sonic remains nowhere close to being resolved beside a cryptic final cutscene in the bad ending. (The Force Awakens has done the 'finding person' plot better because it got actually resolved, and I say this despite hating the sequel trilogy)

The edginess certainly takes the cake. It feels like a bad fanfic, much in-line with something like Eggmanway5. Seriously, your character freaking dies in the neutral ending. What the heck. I'm one of those people that generally believes SRB2 doesn't need an epic story to build on. Ideally one cutscene in the beginning to set things up is more than enough, with most fill being the stages and gameplay.

And hoo boy, the gameplay. Most of the stages are fairly linear and mediocre. Cluttered with tough enemies to an almost unfair degree. The bosses are a complete mess of difficulty. Either they're laughably easy or clutter the entire arena with projectiles and particles, making fights with them hell. Though the most questionable would be the curve the difficulty seems to follow, as the hard ones come early, and the easiest being close to or at the end. Most of the secrets were also really vague and awful to find (seriously, talk to a random candle to unlock a hidden boss?). It feels like most effort was put into making a memorable story-focused mod, which I really don't approve, especially considering it's at the expense of gameplay.

The OC creator was pretty dope, though. Cactus hats rule.

I recognize the effort involved with this mod, but I feel most of it was misguided. If I were to rate this mod on a scale, it'd be mediocre at best.
Originally Posted by Majro
or maybe they simply walk at sucking
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Old 05-22-2020   #27
Spriting and lazing around
FieryExplosion's Avatar

I admit, I laughed upon getting the Neutral Ending. Which is... probably not what was intended.

This mod is ambitious, but it lacks substance. The plot is nonsensical and somehow even less coherent than Sonic Forces' was; the level design is mediocre at best; and the bosses range from okay and way too long to just plain frustrating (I'm looking at you, Heat Horizons Zone 3). And the lack of real resolution in all of the endings is really just the icing on the cake.

Sorry, but I can't really recommend this mod.

(Also, what's with all the references to one series in particular...?)
See my awesome sprite sheets & stuff!

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Old 05-22-2020   #28
Just A Random Player.
S.T.F's Avatar

very interesting?
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Old 05-22-2020   #29
Eastern Spirit
Konanoki's Avatar

Anyone know how to get the hidden/true final boss? asking for my fellow netgame friends.
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Old 05-22-2020   #30
Snowy's Avatar
Default First time with harsh criticisms, ohhh boy.

Hoo boy. This is... A doozy of a mod, to say the least. Unfortunately, not in a good way.

To start off- Your introduction was effective enough to reel me in with curiosity. And the little details you did absolutely make the start of this the strongest point- such as replacing Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Fang with A Hedgehog, A Fox, A Echidna, Hedgehog.R, and A Jerboa was fantastic for setting the mood- I was pleasantly drawn in by this simple yet effective change to the character select, and I'll admit the simple changing of names made this feel a lot more... desolate? Unfamiliar and distant. I liked it.
On from that, when you first enter the base, whether or not you do the tutorial (DO THE TUTORIAL PEOPLE, IT TELLS YOU IMPORTANT INFO) , dropping into this massive building left me pleasantly impressed. I expected to simply get a cut-scene and drop into the level, but instead I got a base to explore. Nice.
The addition of the Wire Grapple from Forces was a neat touch, but more on that later.

The first true level of the pack... It's fine enough for a first level. Good enough for a start, but still somewhat flat, had a gimmick or two that was used once and never again, thus nullifying the reason for them existing. But it was passable enough for a first level.

Unfortunately... That's where the good ends for levels. the rest of the game starts to feel very flat and generic compared to this, ending up as mostly just shapes you platform through with very little going on visually to keep me invested in themes. It is not that they are outright bad, but to say they are mediocre isn't accurate either. It's clear you have an idea for the stages, but it feels like you stopped caring after the first zone.

...As for bosses. I want to say they aren't bad... but more than half of them are just... no. Many of them have too much HP for what they are and can do, and either are too easy, or they are simply frustrating.
The boss where you need to hit it's arms has WAY too much HP in both arms and himself overall, and the second phase where you hit the rocks back is terrible as it is. The boss will always fire the rock past you, forcing you to back up and practically guess if it's above you or not. Remember, not everyone's got openGL, and Software does NOT support looking up or down enough for you to reliably use it. This is terrible design.

However, that boss, and the rest, have interesting ideas and good potential to be fun and exciting, but the way you've constructed them is just infuriating to see. I know you want them to be tough, but this isn't tough- it's downright horrid, terrible, annoying, frustrating, and can lead to unneeded hair-pulling. I don't mean to sound rude by going off like this, but it's important to get across that the bosses here do not support or run off the gameplay in a satisfying way.

The amount of levels is also rather horrendous when regarding the story- The story itself lost good steam immediately after the first zone was clear, and became SUCH a background element, that Tails and Amy don't even have reason to exist beyond the first cutscene. Not to mention that it ends before it can even go anywhere.
This is also without mentioning one of your major hooks, Sonic's disappearance, is COMPLETELY forgotten about after that one cutscene between Tails and Amy. There's no point to it, you might as well have just made us Sonic and had that be that. Every time I thought a reveal with him was about to happen, he was forgotten about entirely. The bad ending was the CLOSEST to any info on him... Only for you to give us a 'to be continued'. WHY!? WHY!? This infuriates me to no end as someone who writes stories himself- you don't forget your major plot point and let it rot, then tease a reveal at a important moment only to go "Lol nah, To Be Continued~!" This is text-book example levels of bad usage, especially considering cliffhangers like that, with a plot point that goes ignored EVERYWHERE ELSE, only serve to confuse and infuriate the reader/player.
And what about Eggman, the driving force of the early plot? Why does he even exist anymore after Virus is introduced? He says nothing, does nothing, and has no plot relevance after this. You could have at least had him involved in fighting against Virus in a cutscene to explain his continued relevance- maybe he snatches the emerald and tosses it our way or something, I dunno.

The most interesting part of your mod is, unfortunately, front-loaded. It feels like you forced yourself to make this, and ignored any issues that cropped up, and that is what disappoints me most. You had such a strong start, and such good interesting potential, only to rush it, pushing it to go faster and faster without letting it do anything interesting.
I hate to say this, because I LOVE the ambition and clear passion you had for this, and especially after so many years of working on it, it hurts me to say this... but this mod is... terrible.
It's a 3/10 at BEST, and a 1/10 at worst. I shouldn't use ratings like that, but after playing and getting every ending, then exploring around for hours for anything I missed... I cannot recommend this mod to anyone.

Please, do not let the harsh criticisms get you down though- use this chance to improve your levels and bosses! I genuinely want to see you do better, because I know you have the talent and potential, both of those radiate from so much of this mod.
TOGETHER we can show the world what we can do!
You are giving me a little mania!
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Old 05-22-2020   #31
Cotton_Candy_2C's Avatar

Would it be possible to add a feature to where you can map the menu to a button other than Custom 2? It causes problems with characters like Kirby
"They were gonna see who could eat the most cotton candy... AND I WON!"
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Old 05-23-2020   #32

wow i should play this
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Old 05-23-2020   #33
Insert funny hahas here
Frostiikin's Avatar

like uh i know he probably helped with this, but you should REALLY remove sapheros from the credits...
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Old 05-23-2020   #34
Having a good time.
RedySanic's Avatar

This mod is really good i can't wait what you have in store next.
Wait earless is a god
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Old 05-23-2020   #35
Known as Hajime in game
KuroEl64's Avatar

I gotta say this was... Interesting to play. It gives the Sonic Forces vibe when you play this but.. I don't know it seems that it lacks something... I mean sure it's fun to play but the bosses are way hard than average. I do like the idea on the clone boss that depending of who are you playing the attacks are different.
But from what I've seen you had potencial to make this fun but after the first zone it kinda feels like you were forced to do this. From what I've seen on other level packs this mod feels a bit forced on the making of it..
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Old 05-23-2020   #36
It's the Sour Hour.
PT.'s Avatar

I'm gonna be blunt; this mod is not good. It's bad. Like, real bad. I'll go over the points.

The things I like:
  • Using a Robo-Hood's arrow to climb a platform is actually sort of a cool idea. The key word here is idea.
  • The CUSTOM2 menu is kind of neat, at least on a visual level.

The things I don't like:
  • The levels are designed like they're from Final Demo or a version before 2.1. Each level has its own specific problems, but for the most part, every level has a handful of straight hallways. In the tutorial level, it wasn't immediately obvious you had to push the crystal from the centerpiece onto a switch, as it looks like a decoration. And in the third act of the mansion level, there's a fake wall you have to walk through to progress. Fake walls should not be mandatory for progression.
  • The custom enemies, aside from maybe one or two particular enemies, are all just recolored and much more frustrating versions of existing enemies. Multi-hit Robo-Hoods are particularly noteworthy, constantly jumping, being able to shoot way farther and faster than normal, etc.. The bat/bird/whatever enemies are memorable for all the wrong reasons. They're a much WORSE iteration of the bees from Aerial Garden, and that is a particularly impressive feat. This leads to my next point,
  • Enemy placement. It's dreadful. It's as if every area is designed to have enemies in the most frustrating and unfair spots possible, one particularly awful spot I recall is in Cactus Canyon where cactus-carrying Minuses hog the ledges on small platforms over death pits, where if you get hit you will most often get killed, and getting knocked backward into death by something you can't circumvent is extremely infuriating. On top of being placed in unfair areas, there's a lot of areas where enemies just infest the entire room, which reminds me a whole lot of Zaxel's Coop Maps. That isn't a good thing.
  • The gimmicks. The pulleys only worked half the time for me. Sometimes when I got to the end of a pulley's pathway, like in the first act of the second zone, it threw me backward into a lava pit, or even death. The hookshot orbs or whatever they're called, that's an alright concept in theory, but 90% of the time there's a much faster straight pathway right next to them, so it's entirely pointless to take them unless the level forces you to use them. And going back to the Robo-Hood arrows, I mentioned it was a cool idea, but execution is bad. The hitboxes on the arrows are really small, and sometimes the Robo-Hood can get stuck in a wall, which means you have to start over again.
  • The story isn't good. It reads like a poorly translated fanfiction. I realize this is probably because it's trying to emulate a similar story to Forces, but Forces wasn't exactly well written either. The story here tries way too hard to be shocking and edgy, but it comes off as laughable.
  • The CUSTOM2 menu is visually nice, but it's kind of pointless. Aside from picking where to go next, which could have been done in a much simpler manner that didn't need a dedicated button, I never felt a need to call Tails or Amy during the game, since pulling up the menu causes you to stand still, but enemies can still attack you. I'm all for codec calls, but for that, the story needs to be engaging.
  • The bosses are probably the most egregious thing about this mod. A number of them are extremely fast, shoot extremely fast projectiles that are difficult to avoid, have unreadable patterns, have ridiculously dumb mechanics and gimmicks, have WAY too much health, some characters are simply not able to beat these bosses, the list can go on. I ended up just tanking hits and throwing my corpse at the boss for a majority of the time, and that isn't fun or engaging in any way. Actually, now that I think about it, this boss deserves his own bullet point...
  • The second Eggman boss is a textbook example of how not to design a boss. The arena itself is way too small, making avoiding damage extremely difficult, and for some reason the rings gravitate towards the lava, so its way too easy to die. The spiked arms you're supposed to hit wave around in such an unreadable way that sometimes it takes a minute just to get one down for a single hit, while other times they'll sideswipe you into the lava pit and there isn't anything you can do about it. Third, the rock you have to bounce back? Give me a break. The rock itself is extremely small and difficult to hit, and even when you DO hit it, you'll be lucky whether or not it hits the boss back. It took me six tries before I finally got a chance to hit the rock, and when I did, it phased right through the boss. Another time, the rock just straight up despawns. I was only able to beat this boss by PURE LUCK, when he got himself stuck in a corner of a platform and got stuck in a loop of throwing the rock at me constantly. When your boss can only be beaten by RNG, there's something particularly offensive about it.

And spoiler, but I didn't even bother trying to get the hidden ending or the emblems. It just wasn't worth putting in the effort.
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Old 05-23-2020   #37
Default First Ever Reply! :D

Sheesh! I know it might be this way but it's kinda hard! I can barely get to the third zone with all the resources I got! I might just be a noob, but the difficulty scales up pretty quickly from my perspective. Might just be me though since I'm used to SRB2 Multiplayer and not Singleplayer.
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Old 05-23-2020   #38
Having a good time.
RedySanic's Avatar

I think you need to fix this bug in singleplayer. When i choose i will in the final boss it softlocks for no reason.
Wait earless is a god
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Old 05-23-2020   #39
BravenwolfTFS's Avatar

I can't be asked to write my entire critique here, but the endings were really funny. The ending where you outright die had me laughing, and the Tails ending was even funnier.
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Old 05-23-2020   #40
Eastern Spirit
Konanoki's Avatar

Originally Posted by RedySanic View Post
I think you need to fix this bug in singleplayer. When i choose i will in the final boss it softlocks for no reason.
Can confirm, i'm also having the same error. However, it seems it only occurs if you do this:

Trying to select "I will" on the choice after the Virus 2 Boss Battle seems to softlock the game and print the following error:

WARNING: ...esktop\SRB2\2.2 Vanilla\di_main.pk3|Lua/LUA_CUTT.txt:667: attempt to index global 'player' (a nil value)

That being said, it did not occur to me prior to v1.2, so i assume something broke on this version or v1.1.
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Old 05-23-2020   #41
goldfreddyexe's Avatar

Hey um, i was trying this mod and i've got a sudden bug, can you repair it?
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