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Graceful Coast: 6/10
This level has a spectacular scenery and a good music choice, however, down to the bones it's not much more than platforming. Which I'm fine with on some levels, it's playable isn't it? But even that is dragged down by its own issues, such as the three rocks on the geysers part, which is nothing but unfair and unfun. Another thing which drags the level down is your use of Green Snapper enemies, normally placed on platform edges which makes it unnecessarily difficult due to the fact that you're probably going to get hurt when you try to jump up on it.

Gothic Gardens: 3/10 (Love child of 2.0 CEZ, 1.09 CEZ, and THZ.)

Magma Cavern 2: 8/10

Refurbished Gadgetry: 5/10
You had some good ideas in this level, I'll give you that, but the execution was not what I had expected. My first concern is that the level is not Knuckles proof, as a good portion of your level could easily be bypassed by simply walking past the obstacle and climbing up it. This makes it incredibly easy to finish the level as such. Another thing, alternate paths on the ceiling ad floor is a good idea, your problem is that neither of the paths are really any good. The spring path is incredibly aggravating to time with the lava and just not any fun. And more of your anti-gravity puzzles can be solves (such as the small path done upside-down) can be finished more easily by turning off chasecam. There's really nothing you can do to make that work with that, so hazards that rely on the fact that the player is upside-down and therefore harder to control should not be done because of that.

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