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Hello, Thank you for playing, and expressing your opinion.
Originally Posted by Telnaior View Post
So I gave the mod a playthrough, and my notes on the experience:
[*]It really, really needs to have a custom gamedata, regardless of what happens with updates. Playing mods on the default gamedata locks down nearly everything. (I literally used a custom soc to add in a gamedata when I realised how bad it was)
Well, if you so want me to add Game data, then I will add.

Originally Posted by Telnaior View Post
Quiet South Island is very pretty, and I had a lot of fun going through it! Finding places to add in slopes to bring it to modern standards would be the next step, and I look forward to seeing how it gets updated. The Egg Slimer fight was creative, though I didn't find it especially threatening.
I'm not lucky with the slopes, they sometimes cause visual bugs in Software or SIGSEGV. I will try to do it without bugs. This is the first zone, so the boss is easy

Originally Posted by Telnaior View Post
Hydrocity... I don't understand what the point is of making it 3D? It just wound up feeling like an inferior recreation, and the textures made it easy to get lost.
My favorite game from the Sonic the hedgehog franchise is Sonic The Hedgehog 3. I really like the soundtrack of this game. I especially liked the music from Hydrocity act2 and FlyingBattery. Therefore, I did Hydrocity but so far only ACT 1. I know that I made a bad zone, but I did not want to delete it. so I added it here. over time, I will update Hydrocity.

Originally Posted by Telnaior View Post
[*]HellFortress... I can appreciate the aesthetic design, but this zone was more frustrating than enjoyable. The suffocation segments in particular were cruel, especially one where you step back inside only to immediately be caught by a crush trap. At least the boss was very clever, capping off an enjoyable game overall.
You are not the first to fall into the [B] joker trap [/ B]. Iíll figure out how to warn players about a trap.

If you find a malfunction of the mod, you can send it here. Only need more information. for update
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