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On my first playthrough, I got sent to AIZ right after QSI1. Then a SIGABRT. Some of the monitors were blocked off in that, however. Second, I managed to do normally (so far.) QSI1 has an error in which you don't get sent into the direction of the springs near the middle of the level.
Spoiler: Ratings

Quiet South Island 1
A simple level overall. If it's quiet, why does it have music?
Quiet South Island 2
This one went by quicker than QSI1. I have nothing against this.
Egg Slimer / Quiet South Island 3
This boss was horrible. The center platform is tall enough to hit Eggman, sure, but he's the problem, not the arena. He simply moves too fast. I had to go up to the palm trees just to hit him once. When I did hit him 5 times, the difficulty dramatically decreased.
Hydrocity Zone 1
Is it Hi-draw- or hi-droh-? Either way, I like the clever use of those stupid little Crustaceans and their brother the Banypura in place of the Blastoid. Can get annoying though.
Volcano Base Zone 1
Easy mode RVZ anyone?
Volcano Base Zone 2
S1rexer I swear, if you manage to top this...
Volcano Base Zone 3
Metal is well-executed here. I like it.
HellFortress 1
Can I quote KIMOKAWAIII? I can quote that, right? Okay, cool.
"Sonic then went on to lose several lives."
In all seriousness though, this reminds me heavily of Egg Rock / Robotnirock.
HellFortress Zone 2
Let me get my totally real green flame shield that is not at all a pity shield... This entire stage feels like a gauntlet. And not the good kind! It can just go straight to heck.
HellFortress Zone 3
I like what you did with Brak, but you made it to where you have to defeat him in a tight time limit. Also spike bug's back.

Special Stages
I really like the simple concept you brought! Although, I wish the Tokens were easier to find.
From here on, I just got the rest in GFZ.
Bumpers. Not a good idea if you are tight on a time limit.
I have taken the liberty to nickname this one "Bumper Land."
Makes sense that the cyan special stage involves rising water.
Fun but you can get stuck at the last section.
No. Just no.
Couldn't get to this part.

And that's all. I really recommend a custom gamedata for this and future mods.
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