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So I gave the mod a playthrough, and my notes on the experience:
  • It really, really needs to have a custom gamedata, regardless of what happens with updates. Playing mods on the default gamedata locks down nearly everything. (I literally used a custom soc to add in a gamedata when I realised how bad it was)
  • Quiet South Island is very pretty, and I had a lot of fun going through it! Finding places to add in slopes to bring it to modern standards would be the next step, and I look forward to seeing how it gets updated. The Egg Slimer fight was creative, though I didn't find it especially threatening.
  • Hydrocity... I don't understand what the point is of making it 3D? It just wound up feeling like an inferior recreation, and the textures made it easy to get lost.
  • Volcano Base was interesting, though Act 1 seemed rather linear. Found it alright, and Metal Sonic was creative and a fair bit more challenging!
  • HellFortress... I can appreciate the aesthetic design, but this zone was more frustrating than enjoyable. The suffocation segments in particular were cruel, especially one where you step back inside only to immediately be caught by a crush trap. At least the boss was very clever, capping off an enjoyable game overall.
There's a lot of potential here, and with a bit of work on the textures to help convey the path more easily, and revising some obstacles to avoid cheap blows in the final acts, this could be a lot of fun - and then you can add slopes to make it into something truly memorable~
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