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  1. lawofdeath

    [Level Pack] SI-HTpak

    Bellbridge is *extremely* old as you can tell and uses a whole different railing system than modern tracks. Bascially no rails allowed so either Bellbridge and no other or others and no bellbridge.
  2. lawofdeath

    [Level Pack] Dig Pack

    Sir Diggle here is based no doubt in my mind. I feel spoiled with his creations
  3. lawofdeath

    Ne_Perevod's Kart characters

    Those ears are pretty cool ngl
  4. lawofdeath


    Any chance you can have it saved based on ip? I have folks that constantly do name change "just for fun" This mod is highly appreciated btw!
  5. lawofdeath

    [Reusable] Roll the Dice: Kart Version (V9.0.0)

    Proba Probably because it is categorized as reusable some server probably tweaked it and renamed it that.
  6. lawofdeath

    Pizza Tower Pack _ new map : PizzaScape

    Hmm. I'd would thing no conflicts would occur if I use both those and baugette pack? with 2 of the same maps included.
  7. lawofdeath

    Time Attack Leaderboard

    Does this potentially keep record of multiplayer times (like in a server?) I think that would be really cool. Lol.
  8. lawofdeath

    [Reusable] Weblorex's Nostalgia Pack V1.2

    That should definitely be the case of loading too many add-ons. But loading it first and still occuring? Maybe some off chance something else in your addons list is sharing the same file name as the Isaac boss sprite. I'd suggest re-downloading the pack just in-case. Pay attention to the warning...
  9. lawofdeath

    Baguette pack! New Crazy Wario Deluxe map

    You ever found a way around the warnings when someone loads these add-ons?
  10. lawofdeath

    [Reusable] TF2 Teleporter (xItemLib)

    Very cool! I guess "(p, cmd)" takes a huge roll that I don't understand quite yet in scripting.
  11. lawofdeath

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Character Pack

    Ya Know, As a yugioh fan I can appreciate these. Did anyone do the OG variants? I wonder. Seems like an easy cap.
  12. lawofdeath

    [Level Pack] R. A. Extended v3.1 - "SUPER! GBJ! HOTFIX!" Edition

    This is a very old thread. But its still downloadable. The button isn't here in the usual spots for the older threads. instead - look at the bottom of first post. There are attached files in the bottom of the very first post.
  13. lawofdeath

    [Character] Link & Epona

    My man!
  14. lawofdeath

    Jugador's Map Script Collection (Context Tags, Fricfix, KMP Respawns Handler)

    Man.. This looks really good. I wish I wasn't lazy to fix certain things. But I bet the community can greatly appreciate this. A1!
  15. lawofdeath

    [Script] Weathermod

    Is it possible to just adapt the visual aesthetics?
  16. lawofdeath


    A bit disappointed its separated but its probably to save room too right!? Anyways, I *really* hope to see more added to this pack. Greatly appreciate your work! (Other map pack additions is insanely good btw)
  17. lawofdeath

    Skull Kid

    Absolute hype! Wanted him in smash!
  18. lawofdeath

    Mattioz Pack - V1.3.9 - New Layout Metropolis, Graphical Remaster to Advanced Emerald Hill

    Let's get a review on here folks! Overhead looks sick to me
  19. lawofdeath

    [Level Pack] Ivo Industries Track Pack V10.1

    I guess I'll be the one to ask since the map is HoF worthy.. What happened regarding the music exactly?