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  1. Mr Heck!

    (Mecha/silver)sonic help sprites

    More than anything I need a spriting since I tried to redesign the sprites but I am unable to find anyone interested in redesigning the sprites in srb2 style let me know down below.:dramahog: I am very bad at spriting but I am great at art. I know this is a demanding request And I hope that...
  2. Mr Heck!

    Mcha /Silver/Robo sonic help lua script

    Any reasonable person who knows how to do lua scripts please I beg of you to help me video demo for a better conversation
  3. Mr Heck!

    E-102 GAMMA help me with a question

    someone explain to me how to make a transparent sprite In theory I know. but the problem is the game since I want it to look green in first person is that I'm grabbing the E-102 GAMMA mod and I'm putting everything to make it the most paired that's how it should look and this is how it looks in...
  4. Mr Heck!

    Mecha sonic missing comment