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  1. Chuckles troll

    OLDC 2021 round 1 votes (single player)

    single player round. 1. Falcon Emissary Zone by InferNOr 2. Hollow Hill Zone by Othius, Inazuma & Spectorious 3. Ante-Station Zone by Twins'R'Okay 4. Abyss Caverns Zone by yyeellooww7 5. Mercury Mine Zone by Rexeljet 6. Lava Temple by Vixuzen 7. Ridge Rapids Zone by particle 8. Zaxel's...
  2. Chuckles troll

    OLDC Autumn voting

    Arena 1. Sacred Debris Zone by InferNOr 2. Stupid Facestabber Zone by Krabs 3. Magma Management Zone by InferNOr 4. Flower Factory by Apollyon 5. Garden Arena Zone by Chuckles trollface 6. Techno Convoy Zone Act 1 by The Real Inferno Battle CTF 1. Mario Meadow Zone by Apollyon & Entropy 2...
  3. Chuckles troll

    [Reusable] Chuckles's skin colors

    Hello here some skin colors that I made some of them might be similar to others CREDITS thanks to Switchkaze to tell me what name should I use for Pharaoh thanks to Frostiikin to tell me what name should I use for Pea soup and thank you to stop here and check my skin color hope you like...
  4. Chuckles troll

    [Character] Terminal's Yoshi (Tax fraud)

    Here the tax fraud everyone has waited it's Terminal's Yoshi. Yoshi from the parody of a animation of Terminalmontage, Yoshi didn't paid his taxes that why he on SRB2Kart speed:4 weight:3 credits: Nintendo: for Yoshi voiceclip of Mario kart double dash Terminalmontage: for the voiceclip...
  5. Chuckles troll

    Chuckles's work in progress

    Work in progress here some screenshot of the future map and the visual design
  6. Chuckles troll

    [Reusable] SSNTails (Tails Legacy)

    Hey there do you prefer the old Tails? If yes it your perfect day, you see that old legacy tails that alot of people miss him The old SSNTails is back with his old spindash speed and his style He join the legacy gangs Credits SSNTails for his original sprites Night frame made by...
  7. Chuckles troll

    CTF custom map by Chuckles

    hi there i want to show you my Ctf map there is only one map but i still continue the first one is green hill