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  1. PupDaNi

    How do you use the server browser without getting the "there's some problems with the Master Server" error?

    I didn't have this problem until later this year, anyway to fix it?
  2. PupDaNi

    Kinda confused about how to make Foxbot work

    Even though some steps are simple for some reason the way to get foxbot to work is confusing the hecc out of me can someone please tell me step by step how to use this and how to get it to work? (It's because I really want to play through some level packs with teams of specific characters.)
  3. PupDaNi

    Any News From the Discord?

    I was wondering how much would I need catch up on for models and character wads in the discord when I get back in. Now I've created this post for anyone to share any news about srb2 wads, models, and etc from the discord for those who can't see or those who missed things that happened on the...
  4. PupDaNi


    Do I need to say no more after the title? :knuxsmug: 1627310823
  5. PupDaNi


    It's been an honor to be a part of what made you special for 30 years even if I only been a fan for 7 years! What do you guys got to say for this? And what was your favorite part of the Sonic 30th anniversary Symphony?
  6. PupDaNi

    Sooooo I saw SMB Banana Mania and wanted to make a wad to celebrate Super Monkey Ball's 20th anniversary in SRB2

    After the was a leak of Sonic and Tails being unlockable characters in Banana Mania It made me want to make a monkey ball wad where every character is in the balls from the game I know I can make the sprites but the only question is how am I put it on the characters?
  7. PupDaNi

    So...a Boost thing for all characters exists now......

    Yeah there's a new wad that allows any character to use the boost so I got 2 questions, 1: What do you think of this wad, and 2: The code looks a bit difficult to understand and If I were adding this to a specific character how would I do that?
  8. PupDaNi

    Don't know how to port forward for SRB2 with Verizon Fios...

    I'm so lost because I don't know what to do to port forward Verizon Fios for SRB2 anything I need to do?????
  9. PupDaNi

    So.....I saw this on the SRB2 discord a bit of a long time ago about Modern Sonic.....and It's got me confused

    When I was in the SRB2 Discord I was looking at spites and such and then I saw a PnG of what seems to be Modern holding the Princess: Elise from Sonic 06, could this mean customizable skins are coming for modern like Colors Ultimate? Is it just a joke sprite or something? I really need to know...
  10. PupDaNi

    Discussion about the new upcoming "project 2d" for srb2

    So if you don't know there's a new level pack based around the idea for what if STJR never used srb2 on doom engine for 2d So...I'm willing to open up a conservation about it and what it means for the future of 2d levels. For me I think this means we can make sonic generations(3ds) in srb2...