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  1. CosmicSRB2

    Who wants to join my Minecraft Server?

    If you want to join my server, the IP is
  2. CosmicSRB2

    Alternative:ER Sonic

    CosmicSRB2 submitted a new resource: Better Sonic - In my opinion, he's better. Read more about this resource...
  3. CosmicSRB2

    Decent Abilities

    CosmicSRB2 submitted a new resource: Decent Abilities - Decent. Read more about this resource...
  4. CosmicSRB2

    SRB2 Cosmic (name will be changed later.)

    I'm working on a big mash of mods with tweaks by me, along with original content never seen on the MB. I would like if somebody could post ideas here for me.
  5. CosmicSRB2

    Where to get good textures?

    I'm currently working on Metropolis Engine and it's themed around Metropolis Zone from Sonic 2 and I don't know where to get good graphics that can be used for the floor. Where do I get some good graphics for the floor?
  6. CosmicSRB2

    Tell me what to do

    This thread is for people to tell me what to do related to SRB2 editing. I will only take one thing at a time.
  7. CosmicSRB2

    Has anybody noticed?

    If you search up "Sonic OVA 1996 Japanese", on the cover, you see Metal Robotnik. Has anyone noticed that Metal Robotnik looks very similar to Brak / Black Eggman? If not, then it might just be me.
  8. CosmicSRB2

    [Reusable] Metal Sonic Jump Thrust

    Designed for the unofficial MSADC (Metal Sonic Ability Design Contest), this ability is here because I can't access any Discord servers not approved by my mum / dad. The Ability: As the title suggests, this ability is called the Jump Thrust and it's for Metal Sonic. Press Jump mid air once and...
  9. CosmicSRB2

    Tails Overlay problems

    Whenever I play SRB2 as Tails, his overlay goes in front of tails instead of going behind him. Is there a way to fix this?
  10. CosmicSRB2

    [Reusable] Jump Launch

    The Jump Launch gives you horizontal and vertical momentum at the same time, and is universal, even for modded characters!
  11. CosmicSRB2

    How do I make Kart maps?

    I would like to know how to make levels for Kart, but I don't know how. Can someone help me?(I am NOT asking people to make one for me, I only want a guide on making them) Thank You!
  12. CosmicSRB2

    Lua Help (I NEED HELP)

    Can someone help me make a lua script that changes the player's ability? With Custom1 being the airdrill, and custom2 being the default ability set by S_SKIN. Thanks!