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  1. Jeck Jims

    Jeck Jims' 2.2 3D Models v1.5

    V1.45 Shadow the Hedgehog I feel like I have less and less to say with each update. Here's Shadow. Huge shout-outs to Inazuma obviously, I wouldn't have been able to reach the quality in animations and poses without his sprites. This shadow supports all the bells and whistles supported in...
  2. Jeck Jims

    [Model] Jeck Jims' SRB2Kart 3D DLC v2.1 Community Contributions and more SEGA!

    v2.1 Community Contributions and more SEGA! Just as with Kart's official download, KDLC is now all in md3 model formatting. With this change, most racers have gotten a 10% size increase As of 06/11/19: we now have a substantial amount of contributions from community members including a large...
  3. Jeck Jims

    [Reusable] k_Saturntunes.wad

    Just a simple sound replacement wad that swaps out some of the music used in kart with more strictly Sonic ones. Mostly taking from Sonic Jam, Sonic R, and even Sonic 3D Blast. Actual effort was put into editing these clips to fit in place with what kart uses. Such as long pauses before music...
  4. Jeck Jims

    Jeck Jims' Saturn Inspired MD2's-V6 Shadow & Espio face-lifts

    V6 Shadow and Espio adjustments, all-around size increases, Pointy Sonic, and Animations. Probably an obvious update, with the new Shadow and Espio models being in the last Kart patches, here they are for Vanilla! Pointy Sonic has finally been completed with his model being included with the...
  5. Jeck Jims

    Jeck Jims' Highpoly MD2s

    QUICK UPDATED, Added playershadows model due to TD's release. TD's shadow slot is "shad" so, to use for TD add the following to your md2.dat The model is already in some screen shots, hasn't changed much. A collection of MD2 models set to replace object sprites in SRB2! 10/2/2016: Nothing...
  6. Jeck Jims

    Md2 and Transparent textures

    Alright, I keep it short and simple. So while making my classic Blaze.Md2 I decided to try a semitransparent texture for her fire effect. At first it flat out did not work, but I never bothered to fix the texture. Today when testing her for the last time, a strange thing occurred, It would...
  7. Jeck Jims

    Sending a once hacked wii to be disk drive fixed..

    As the title says, I need to send in my wii to be fixed of disk reading issues. My question is will they fix it if it was once hacked? I never did anything large with the hacks, just emulators and codes for wii games. I deleted the HBC and it's data. Will they look for traces of hacks? Is there...
  8. Jeck Jims

    SRB2 Only inputs Numbers

    Alright, making a help thread for this was the LAST thing I wanted to do, but I have tried everything I can think of. I came home today, with the determination to forward my port because I read up on how to do it. After a long process due to not knowing my router password, I got it!, I...
  9. Jeck Jims

    Crawla Sprites (Small) mistake

    Pretty cut-and-dry mistake here. (Large pic for no real reason) As you might notice, the antenna is on the right of its head in the front frame, but centered in the back frame.
  10. Jeck Jims

    Jeck Jims' MD2s 2.0's Final Update

    A collection of MD2 models set to replace object sprites in SRB2! The past year was spent working with SBR2Kart Krew on perfecting the best set of SRB2 Models I can put out. Starting fresh with the release of the Sryder13's new OpenGL EXE mod, I want to focus on classic character represntations...
  11. Jeck Jims

    Thingus-Character WIP

    New Character wad In progress. I decided to try and make something from scratch and I'm Pleased with how it turned out so far. Right now I have the Front walk, Back walk, and Back-side Walk frames. Done. Please comment and suggest, I still don't know what his ability will be.
  12. Jeck Jims

    Check out my Md2s

    Link to video to see them in action. HERE If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to post a reply. (I might even take request.) The Moment MANY have waited for. Here is the RELEASE. The download is an ZIP file. DOWNLOAD ZIP. DOWNLOAD AMY. DOWNLOAD BRAWL SILVER. DOWNLOAD BRAWL TAILS...
  13. Jeck Jims

    Srb2 v 2.0.6 Model Problems!

    Useing the new Srb2 with open GL Re-Installed I tried useing some models I made. But whenever the model is just supost to flip on the Y-Axis to walk (left leg -flip- right leg) it gets all messed up and you can see through his head!(During the game) Is there a way to fix this? either in SRB2 or...
  14. Jeck Jims

    Open Gl md2 limit?

    Recently, I found a ripped sonic model from Super Smash Bros. Brawl that I wish to convert to a md2 for srb2.The problem is that the md2 will not show up in game.(invisible character/sig serv) Before you all tell me things I already know.... -Yes, it is titled Play.md2(and it is and md2 file)...
  15. Jeck Jims


    I just now decied to try and make my own wad, kinda. Im going to use the wad made by Chrispy:SonicCE. So alot of the credit gose to him. If this is considerd just a "Recolor" then I will not post the wad when finished. I do have one problem, when I try to rename the skin to Flare I get a green...
  16. Jeck Jims

    Fan character sharing

    This is where people who have created a fan charscter can post pictures of them. Any is exceptable but the obvious things you can't post. So if you think you got a good character post it and see what people say about it! I really want to so what other people come up with and what they think of...
  17. Jeck Jims

    I need some help.

    Every time I try to download a wad that is in a zip folder I get an error saying that it is "invaild or Corrupted" Any with this It is only from the wibsite. Can any one help me?