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  1. Spektra

    What's your favourite sonic game OST?

    A hard choice. A tie between Unleashed and Colours (Wii).
  2. Spektra

    Your favorite sonic ost it can be classic, Modern sonic music (keep your conversations appropriate)

    YES !!! It's hard to pick a favourite piece.... But the game WITH my favourite OST has to be Sonic Unleashed. :)
  3. Spektra

    What's your favorite game?

    Update lol Recently played "BLACK MESA", and that masterpiece of a game stole the 1st place spot. B)
  4. Spektra

    your opinion on the murder of sonic the hedgehog?

    I haven't played it yet, but from what I've read, it's alright. :>
  5. Spektra

    25 Years of SRB2

    Hehey! Happy late 25th, SRB2!! :D I joined this community on 26th Dec 2019, back when it was 21 already! I'm glad to still be here with a slightly rekindled interest in SRB2, and my recent undertaking of learning mapping! My favourite memory of SRB2 HAS to be launching the game for the first...
  6. Spektra

    Is there any way to stop the Drowning/Super/Speed shoes music from playing?

    As per rule 15, you're not allowed to ask people to make things for you, mate. Also, I'd suggest searching the Wiki for info on this here.
  7. Spektra

    What's your opinion on Sonic Prime and Frontiers?

    Only partially into Frontiers despite getting it the day before Launch, and it's great so far. I've gotta go through the rest of it sometime. :P And I have no right to hold an opinion on Prime because I've never watched it.
  8. Spektra

    Favorite FNF Song ?

    "GOOD ENOUGH" from the Annie mod. :)
  9. Spektra

    Hogwarts Legacy

    Gonna be honest, Nop. And nop for reasons I can't discuss here, as this isn't the time, nor the place to do so.
  10. Spektra

    anyone remember the old days?

    There's no grammar AT ALL! It's a huge run-on sentence with no end in sight no matter where you start reading- Also, the username checks out. (sarcasm) SRB2Veteran >Joined literally yesterday.
  11. Spektra

    Post your favorite music

    "ORDER" - "Heaven Pierce Her".
  12. Spektra

    Any funny history of your childhood related to sonic?

    When I was younger, I would unironically run like Sonic LOL No clue why, I just thought it made me look cool! :P
  13. Spektra

    Post your Desktop

    Decided that since it's been nearly two years, that I'd do it again for the lolz. (Please don't make fun of me lmao, I just like Felix a lot, I've never even seen the anime or read the Manga xd) Significantly more messy than back then xD Honestly, I've no clue what's gotten into me lololol
  14. Spektra

    How do i make a loop like in most of the sonic games

    In ZoneBuilder or SLADE? I don't think loops are actually possible yet, unfortunately. I know that this is a planned feature of some future version, but that's very likely so far off that this thread will be buried in probably hundreds, if not thousands more threads since. Sorry, mate. ;~;
  15. Spektra

    You can choose ANY Superpower to your liking, But the first reply can choose your side affect!

    The ability to flip between historic existence, and historic non-existence at will. While in historic non-existence mode, no one will even remember that I existed, or ever will have existed. But when in existence mode, all of my history, and people's memories come back as if nothing happened.
  16. Spektra

    what type of pets you have

    I have a dog, three cats, and a bird. I love all of them, but the bird takes #1. *I love birds.*
  17. Spektra

    What was the Latest Game you have Beaten?

    A game called "SUPERHOT". "Time only moves when you do."
  18. Spektra

    What was the first ever game you found on the internet?

    A flash game called "PRIMARY". The premise was that "The Void" had come from their dimension to purge the world of the "Hueman" of all of its colour and life. Harnessing the Primary Colours' power (game world logic, ig), the "Hueman" created a supersoldier they called "Roy". Just- "Roy". The...
  19. Spektra

    What's your favorite game?

    ULTRAKILL, hands down. I LOVE this game. The developers are awesome and silly, and I absolutely adore the game's story, the OST- AGH!! I could gush about this game and everything in it for HOURS!! I even had a five-part video essay series planned and even partly scripted for each element that I...
  20. Spektra

    why do people hate sonic cd's us soundtrack?

    I do not *hate* it per se, but I don't think that a couple of the tracks (namely "Stardust Speedway") fit the levels as well as the JP tracks do.