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  1. FinnishGameFan

    [Open Assets] S.A.S.S - Special Ability Skincolor Suits [v1.3.6 + vPre2]

    I... I'm very sorry, I don't have time to do it... No Chaos Emerald power can help it. I'm extremely sorry for getting your hopes up.
  2. FinnishGameFan

    So basically there could be an SRB2 ARG

    Guys, I think I have cracked the code! Apparently that day will be a good fishing day! (According to a Finnish site)
  3. FinnishGameFan

    [Open Assets] S.A.S.S - Special Ability Skincolor Suits [v1.3.6 + vPre2]

    Oh boy... It's been SO long since I sent that... I have gotten more and more stuff to do... I'm not sure if I can... 1628670751 I'm sorry.
  4. FinnishGameFan

    BoyFriend For SRB2 (Cancelled)

    Whoa whoa whoa- IT'S CANCELLED!? 1625063828 Why isn't it just on [On Hold]? 1625063872 I mean... I'm a coder... and a spriter...
  5. FinnishGameFan

    How do I make a custom dashmode

    For me, that's too hard. I think you should start with a simple ability.
  6. FinnishGameFan


    Gotcha! 1621148942 Yup. (But black and a little transparent too.)
  7. FinnishGameFan


    FinnishGameFan submitted a new resource: Shadow-Chars - Not Shadow the Hedgehog. It's everything else than that. Read more about this resource...
  8. FinnishGameFan

    [Open Assets] Shadow-Chars 1.0

    This mod doesn't include characters, but it does change them (only a bit)! You can finally play as a shadow! Or of course you can play as Shadow the Shadow too! (Remember to load Shadow the Hedgehog for that) This SHOULD work on every character for SRB2. -Anyway... Have a great day playing as...
  9. FinnishGameFan

    BoyFriend For SRB2 (Cancelled)

    Oh hey! I have it too! (I still wonder why my parents want to control my PC. Do they want to see if I'm looking at something inappropriate? Do they just want to annoy me? -Probably not.) I used my school laptop to download Slade and then I putted it in Google Drive. -That's how you do it the...
  10. FinnishGameFan

    BoyFriend For SRB2 (Cancelled)

    Longer? Heh. I'm known for 2fest Lua coding.
  11. FinnishGameFan

    Question about S_SKIN

    No problem!
  12. FinnishGameFan

    Question about S_SKIN

    No, but with Lua, you can. You have to make a new super skincolor for that. They should be named like this: Super Randomname 1, Super Randomname 2, Super Randomname 3, Super Randomname 4, Super Randomname 5 For more information about custom skincolors...
  13. FinnishGameFan

    Mario Level is in srb2 2.2 but not mario?

    This isn't that relevant to the conversation, but how did Sonic Boll survive? It's a pretty famous Sonic fangame, and it includes Mario and Luigi. The whole game takes place in the Mario universe.
  14. FinnishGameFan

    My RVZ act 2-act 3

    Gives me a little 2.1 vibe!
  15. FinnishGameFan

    Cristmas for 2.2

    Sorry, but I'm sure that you didn't make that. It's identical to a mod I've found earlier. It's made by Flar3guy. So please do not say that you made it. ..I'll share the link while hoping that I'm not doing anything wrong...
  16. FinnishGameFan

    Paper Bros [HIATUS]

    - Everyone can mod what they want to SRB2. - Ask Nintendo. The hammer is a classic weapon that Paper Mario has used since it's first game.
  17. FinnishGameFan

    how can we stop sonic channel S?

    I just found out he said the N word to one of his viewers. :wow:
  18. FinnishGameFan

    My camera keeps going thru walls

    I don't think this should be in Modding Help.