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  1. Goop

    [Open Assets] Some MB Levels

  2. Goop


    This map pack lags REALLY hard on my machine, like unplayable powerpoint presentation levels of bad. does this happen to anyone else? is there a way to fix this?
  3. Goop

    [Open Assets] Sol Sestancia

    i found some unused content. 1. There are 2 unused spikes outside the last cutscene level. are they remnants from a cut section of the map? 2. There are also some unused springs in a lake in the same level. you can see them from afar near the end of the level, but you can't reach them. also...
  4. Goop

    Angel Island Tour 1.6

    Follow your rainbow lags a lot on my mid-end PC, is it possible to fix that?
  5. Goop

    Sonic Adventure DX 2.2 Port

    i wonder when someone is going to port the heroes level pack.
  6. Goop

    [DISCONTINUED] Pepper-Minted Models: Official Game Models

    How do you change models? i want to use the heroes model but i don't know how to do it
  7. Goop

    Kiryu Kazuma

    This mod is SICK! 10/10!
  8. Goop


    if i try to use the boost in software mode, the game crashes immediately. is there a fix for this?
  9. Goop

    RushChars - Blaze and Marine

    Oh. my. god.
  10. Goop

    (Current Project: SRB2 Encore Campaign) Twins uhhhhhhhhhh stuff

    Will the enemies be harder compared to the base game? (faster movement, more attacks etc.)
  11. Goop

    Bug when using level addons in the latest version.

    OK, so after i updated to 2.2.10, when i try to use some level addons (blast mania, rominepack etc) i get a "map not found" error and the game crashes. and in some other level addons i tried (sonic 06, dimension glaber) some levels play the wrong music, like the boss theme. what could be causing...
  12. Goop

    Sonic Egg Scrambling

    Sounds cool, good luck with the project.
  13. Goop

    Official SUGOI trilogy port project

    2.2.11 Can't come soon enough.
  14. Goop

    2.2 Crash Reports (SIGSEGVs, etc)

    When i swich the renderer from software to openGL, the game sigservs if i press the windows key to exit the game for a while, and if i try to open the game again it SIGSERV's until i change the renderer back to software in the .cfg file. 1646008445 When i swich the renderer from software to...
  15. Goop

    Mario vs Adventure sonic

    They're both great addons with lots of attention and care put into them. I like them both equally.
  16. Goop

    SRB2: The Arcade Levels (W.I.P)

    Damn bro you work fast
  17. Goop

    Sonic X (X-Sonic) Progress

    Gotta go fast or the japanese OP.
  18. Goop

    SRB2: The Arcade Levels (W.I.P)

    Looks great. i like the fact that each stage seems to have a unique feeling/gimmick to it to keep things fresh. kinda reminds me of spider-man 2000.
  19. Goop

    SRB2: The Arcade Levels (W.I.P)

    That hud looks pretty cool.
  20. Goop

    Sonic X (X-Sonic) Progress

    Why are people talking about this so much, the mod is FAR from being finished, Calm down.