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  1. darril193

    Cheeseboi’s mod dumpster

    Mario 64 2 leaked trailer (1000000% real not fake!!!!!!)
  2. darril193

    I will draw your Sonic OC!

    in your style(Although uekawa wouldn't be bad tho)
  3. darril193

    I will draw your Sonic OC!

    uhhhhh Ant the ant again lol (Ignore fly here) (After 500 years I publish something again)
  4. darril193

    pizza characters (help please I need a coder :,v)

    A playable John pillar is something I thought I'd never see but it's great. Cool wip!( I also like fake peppino)
  5. darril193

    AFTON MOD (William) [Back from the dead]

    This wip is pretty cool:threat:👍
  6. darril193

    [DISCONTINUED] Pepper-Minted Models: Official Game Models

    Those models were actually an April Fools joke :knuxsmug: .
  7. darril193

    SRB1 Remake on Scratch!

    Dude, this really looks good!
  8. darril193

    your first 100%

    plants vs zombies 1
  9. darril193

    What Are Some of Your Favorite Indie Games?

    Pizza tower: only pizza tower.:knuxsmug:
  10. darril193

    What's your favorite game?

    Pizza tower, mini world creata, Clash of clans,srb2 and minecraft
  11. darril193

    Charmy and heavy & bomb(WIP)

    I'm not that good at making sprites
  12. darril193

    Charmy and heavy & bomb(WIP)

    I made a new stnda2a8 of charmy!
  13. darril193

    It’s my birthday!

    Happy birthday cheese! Thanks for helping me in my mods!(Sorry for being late)
  14. darril193

    Bark the polar bear(WIP)

    It's been quite a while since we have any bark progress, I decided to make another css art (it won't replace the original).
  15. darril193

    Charmy and heavy & bomb(WIP)

    Charmy's stnda2a8 sprite finished!
  16. darril193


    cancelled, i lost motivation on this. bruh
  17. darril193

    if you could make a pizza tower fangame what would the name be?

    rhino land Just a silly story about a rhino with a friendly dodo destroying an alien's tower with a crab, a water dude, a pirate and a spider.
  18. darril193

    ant the ant (OC)(resprite)

    Well... Here are some sprites spnga1 falla1 paina1 waita1 And a possible support for xmomentum oof_alar Also a css art for fly that I did out of boredom
  19. darril193

    What is the boss you most hate in SRB2?

    Castle eggman boss and metal sonic (race)
  20. darril193

    ant the ant (OC)(resprite)

    I tried using piskel and for some reason the page was just moving instead of putting pixels.