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  1. Striker The Hedgehog

    Wido the Wild

    Imma be honest i kinda knew this was coming because the game leaked it to me while i was fighting in chaos mod. either that im glad this update came up well.
  2. Striker The Hedgehog

    Sonic Tetris Blast

    Nice mod buddy! I'll install the mod as soon as its out
  3. Striker The Hedgehog

    [1.3.6] SRB2 Persona: Multiplayer Demo

    Im dumb i guess. I thought it was cancelled, lol.
  4. Striker The Hedgehog

    [1.3.6] SRB2 Persona: Multiplayer Demo

    Uh you do realize its cancelled on June 9 right? Lat said that on discord and had a link of new genesis
  5. Striker The Hedgehog

    Srb2 Riders for 2.2 Development Logs

    This already looks sick! Great job working on it!
  6. Striker The Hedgehog

    Cristmas for 2.2

    I Think its because of some mini sonic he made which was a stolen idea idk. Mini sonic was found in game banana first so he made his own without permission of the creator i think
  7. Striker The Hedgehog

    Warner Sibling Plushies in SRB2

    D o t W a r n e r
  8. Striker The Hedgehog

    Honey The Cat