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    Ashura the Hedgehog (Sonic Boll) - Development Thread

    No his names knuckles the fox duh
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    Emerl SRB2

    It’s not just me working on this
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    Emerl SRB2

    These people say the moveset would be complicated without asking me how the moveset would work 1681542175 Also if anyone knew how sonic battle worked you would know that the majority of the similar looking moves are different
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    Emerl SRB2

    And also I don’t really feel like posting stuff on here since I post it on discord anyways
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    Emerl SRB2

    Will not be posting anymore work because I don’t want it plagiarized and no it’s NOT CANCELED
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    Emerl SRB2
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    Emerl SRB2

    I know what they’re saying
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    Emerl SRB2

    I get what your saying but no sorry 1680225865 Cause I already made the sprites for cheese and it would be weird to just have creams abilities as an alt
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    Emerl SRB2

    All of the ones on the moveset sheet
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    Emerl SRB2

    Full STND rot sprite
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    Emerl SRB2

    It’s emerls moveset
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    Emerl SRB2

    Thanks but already have css art
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    Emerl SRB2

    Here’s some sprites Here’s the moveset But the mod needs some coders
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    Emerl For 2.2!

    I just wanted to post the concept even though I have no sprites made rn. So, Emerl in SRB2 can mix all of the abilities of the vanilla chars (and modded ones) and mix and match them. For example, Emerl could have Fang's pop gun, Tails Flight, and Metal Sonic's Dashmode with Modern Sonic's...
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    Honey The Cat

    I typed in the candy command and it didn’t work
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    Gabriel's Unlabeled Modelpack.

    Will I make a model of the character? 1661190332 I meant you
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    Dano's Partially Accurate Models

    Are you gonna do the animal friends?
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    RushChars - Blaze and Marine

    I beat metal but didn’t get the red emerald. Do you have to beat egg man to get it?
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    [Open Assets] [v1.3] CrossMomentum - A complete gameplay overhaul

    It's not an error, the 3d model just doesn't support CrossMomentum
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    Sonic mania theory

    Then how do you explain the time eater and generations