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  1. toaster

    Late 2015 DSZ2 remake attempt (vsl_dsz2toast_v1.wad)

    I was originally hired into STJr as a level designer; while my cleanup/extensions passes to DSZ1 and ACZ2 were pretty relevant, and Final Demo Zone was ultimately unused in its entirety, this is the only substantial evidence that I could create completely original map design and gimmicks. What...
  2. toaster

    [Reusable] Score-multiplier sphere flashing (v_maniaspheres-v1.soc)

    NiGHTS mode was changed during 2.2's development to be more accurate to the source material, including things like having the chips become yellow when Bonus Time is entered. I noticed this had a similarity to the feature in Sonic Mania where the blue spheres in the special stage would start...
  3. toaster

    [Reusable] Final Demo Zone (vsl_finaldemo_v1_0.pk3)

    Final Demo Zone is a technical experiment built during my time as a SRB2 developer, and turned into a unique playable experience. Neo Aerial Garden Zone was an attempt to incorporate all three substantial acts of AGZ (plus minor trimmings) into a single stage. It was hailed as a technical...
  4. toaster

    [Reusable] Character Diceroll (xl_cdr_v2_0.lua)

    Inspired by Let's Play Together SRB2 with combiring.lua "german", a YouTube series which I love so much even though I can't understand a word of it (and that's with 5 years of German classes...) Randomly selects your character out of all the ones you have accessible, each time the level...
  5. toaster

    Ceiling flat completely fails to render in some positions in THZ2

    These images were taken seconds and fracunits apart. I have no idea why the entire ceiling disappears here, but it does. (Note for other devs: I noticed this both in raw 2.1.15 and the current state of next, so it's not currently fixed.) edit: removed identifying information from screenshots...
  6. toaster

    Caps Lock state sticks at start of message

    You know, maybe I should check more thoroughly before I make topics. It turns out the game has zero support for caps lock.
  7. toaster

    [Script] Character Diceroll

    Changelog: Inspired by Let's Play Together SRB2 with combiring.lua "german", a YouTube series which I love so much even though I can't understand a word of it (and that's with 5 years of German classes...) Consider this the generalised form of Metal Anyone - a randomly selected character each...
  8. toaster

    Fixed [2.1.15] The curious case of the Level Header LUA. bitshift shitfit

    Level headers with Lua-accessible level header parameters mess up when dealing with LUA.- prefixed lines, especially when the header continues beyond it. For each additional line you must add in four pointless characters to all following lines for the remainder of the level header. This problem...
  9. toaster

    [SP Level] Glacier Gear Zone

    Second place winner (aka first loser) in the May/June 2014 OLDC! New and mildly improved from 2.1's first and probably best OLDC! Praised for its imaginative theme blending and cursed for its devilish badniks, Doctor Eggman's secret chemical plant somewhere in the forbidden Arctuda Circangle...
  10. toaster

    It's time for toaster's titanic technological triumphs (slow internet warning)

    Coming next OLDC. Or maybe the one after that. (this topic will be intermittently updated)
  11. toaster

    Incredibly stubborn HOM

    In my act 1 of Frozen Wasteland Zone, after making a few modifications to other areas of the level there is a singular linedef with textures on all parts (I mean Upper, Lower and Middle on BOTH sides) that in game gives off an incredibly large HOM. What am I to do? The link is below...
  12. toaster

    ACZ Pulleys- New question!

    Is there a Sector type that damages enemies and players that isn't a crusher? I want to make a FOF that kills an enemy (The Snailer) that accidentaly gets sucked into a pipe as it tries to follow you up a cavern. 2 questions answered, check post 5 for new question on pulleys.
  13. toaster

    Frozen Wasteland Zone - v(0.2)! (scr_frozenwasteland.wad)

    Hey! I've come back into levelmaking for 2.0 and it's AWESOME. I had to relearn some of the basic gimmicks but all in all it's way better. Here's the fruits of my labor, my most recent endevour. Frozen Wasteland Zone. Includes Acts 1 and 3. I might make Act 2 sometime soon, but it's...
  14. toaster

    DSZ-style waterpaths

    Is there some sort of handy-dandy SRB2 wiki tutorial on them? Because I searched it and couldn't find any. EDIT: Woops! I just realised they're called waterslides. =P
  15. toaster

    Screen size problems

    I use Vista (ugh) and when I start up SRB2 there's a white space underneath the main screen. I tried changing screen size and there's a perfect size but it crashes in colormaps. =/ What's the recommended screen size for Vista?
  16. toaster


    Hai guys. This is a character. Not a fancharacter. He's just my character SRB2 stylized. Haven't got many sprites of him yet. I'm using a Sonic base. He isn't compiled into a WAD yet, but he's there. I was hoping to have a beta out when I made the topic but I have TWO questions! 1: ANSWERED...
  17. toaster

    Username question

    Is it possible to change your username? It used to be no but now these days I've seen a few people I used to know with new account names, like Chrispy. Anyways, may my account name be changed to Toaster? ~Tapika/Toaster
  18. toaster

    Mario World! (scr_MarioWorld.wad)

    A levelpack. Most of these pictures are outdated, but what the hey. Not completed yet, only one level, but nevertheless fun to play through. The images. (Outdated) The level. Enjoy, please. If you do not, please tell why. And no linking to the wiki!
  19. toaster

    E-123 OMEGA

    I'm aiming to get the finished one into SSB:SS, but no answer yet when I asked.
  20. toaster

    (Match, Tag) Castle Tower Zone (mt_castletowerzone.wad)

    So, here it is. If you guys like it, I'll make a CTF version. :) A look from a steeple ---------- Staring up at the clouds ---------- Looking down on the foothold ---------- The link! I hope you enjoy many a match. -Tap