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  1. Amethirst

    Gem Pack

    Amethirst submitted a new resource: Gem Pack - Level Pack for SRB2Kart Read more about this resource...
  2. Amethirst

    Azure Island Zone

    THIS MAP IS OBSOLETE - FIND THE LATEST VERSION HERE! Amethirst submitted a new resource: Azure Island Zone - Get it! Read more about this resource...
  3. Amethirst

    [Reusable] Hilltop Peaks

    THIS MOD IS OBSOLETE - FIND THE LATEST VERSION OF THIS MAP HERE! My first map, being heavily inspired by the Hilltop Zone in the vanilla kart map, it's Hilltop Peaks. I would like feedback and criticism so I can later improve on this stage and later...
  4. Amethirst


    After posting the picture of my horrible fancharacter, I decided to fix this. More frames, updated the feet, started on super frames.
  5. Amethirst

    OpenGl problem

    For some reason,I cannot use opengl at all...
  6. Amethirst

    New fancharacter...

    This is a new fan character for SRB2,He might be a fox but here's the progress.
  7. Amethirst

    Duplicate Pain State Glitch

    We were playing then this happened.
  8. Amethirst

    [Reusable] Charmy 2.0

    Charmy is finally in SRB2 2.0!Now the Chaotix is complete! Pic:Download Link: Oh,and credits to Chaos Zero 64 for giving me the permission to post this. Update: New sign.
  9. Amethirst


    Here's Charmy ported from 1.09.4! The link is here! Redacted, please submit using the Submissions section. Picture: Thanks to Chaos Zero 64 giving me permission to port this.
  10. Amethirst

    SRB2 MS help

    For some reason,I have internet on,but it keeps saying 'There was a problem connecting to the Master Server' What's wrong?
  11. Amethirst

    Lump editor Slade help

    When I convert 1.09.4 wads to 2.0 wads,the hurt frames,tripping frames,and spring frames, dissapear.Am I doing something wrong?
  12. Amethirst

    What is your best gametype?

    What's your best/favorite gametype in Srb2? Mine's is Match,and CTF.
  13. Amethirst

    New Enemy:Crawla Cadet!

    This a new type of Crawla created by Eggman.Its based off of Crawla Commander,so two appear with a Crawla Commander. Update:More frames!
  14. Amethirst

    Sprite Test BlueBon

    Hello,my name is TeenBlade.This is my first attempt at spriting and I came up with this:BlueBon. I would like to hear any comments about how to make it better. Thank you.Improved.