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Forum Rules

1. Forum Rules

  1. Immaturity will not be tolerated. Think before you post and use some common sense.
  2. Politics, religion, social issues, obtaining pirated material, and explicit sexual or violent content are not to be discussed here. This is a community for discussing a fan game, not for flame wars.
  3. Use proper English. Spell properly, use correct punctuation and capital letters as required, do not use chat speak or text messaging shorthand, and break your paragraphs appropriately.
  4. No spam. Do not make pointless topics, one-liners, polls, or forum games.
  5. No advertising outside of signatures.
  6. No flaming or trolling. Keep personal arguments off of the SRB2MB.
  7. Do not ask for netgames in the forum. Use the chat room or the master server instead.
  8. Do not backseat moderate. It is our job to lock topics, ban users and be grammar Nazis, not yours.
  9. Do not bump topics pointlessly. If you are bumping a topic three weeks old or more, make sure your post adds something to the discussion.
  10. Read the FAQ and Wiki before asking simple questions. They are probably already answered there.
  11. No posting about project plans without proof that you have started. Likewise, do not ask people to make things for you.
  12. Do not post recolors, sprite rips, music replacements, or timer SOCs. These submissions will be rejected, and repeated submission will result in bans.
  13. Only give constructive criticism. If you are sharing your opinion on something, give reasoning as to why.
  14. No plagiarism. Get permission from the original author before modifying their work, and give credit.
  15. Do not ask where to find files. Try searching the forums or Google. If a link is broken, do not ask for it to be fixed.
  16. Some forums contain subforums that may have additional rules beyond what is listed here. Before posting in subforums, check the main forum that the subforum is in for any rules that may apply there.
  17. Financial transactions are absolutely not allowed on these forums. The punishment for conducting a transaction on the forums is subject to moderator discretion depending on the nature of the transaction. Additionally, while we won't stop you from doing commissions outside the forums and posting the results here, you are strictly on your own and we will not intervene on anybody's behalf if a deal goes bad.
If you have any questions about these rules, feel free to ask an administrator via private message or Discord. Also, should the circumstances require it, the administrators are given authority to do whatever they deem necessary to keep order on the forums.

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