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Rob 04-08-2009 03:54 AM

SRB2 Wiki editing is disabled.
Because of how close ME is, I've (Read: Logan) disabled editing of 1.09.4 information. Work is being done on ME's Wiki, and that will be made public either when ME is out, or about a month after. Depending on what's done and what needs doing.

BlueZero4 04-08-2009 04:40 AM

Does that include userpages and other non-SRB2-editing things?

CobaltBW 04-08-2009 04:45 AM

The entire Wiki is disabled from editing. I would like to be able to edit my own pages (as well as some community articles), if that's at all possible.

Rob 04-08-2009 02:02 PM

If that was turned on on, it'd all be lost when the Wiki database with the 1.1 information replaces the old one.

CobaltBW 04-08-2009 04:57 PM

Ah, nevermind then.

Cyan Ryan 04-08-2009 05:43 PM

Oh yeah, right when I was about to go WikiGnome. :( Nice timing.

glaber 04-08-2009 09:44 PM

Can we have this notification on the main wiki page too? It might not matter, but like with how there are people who don't visit the forums untill the master server is down there may be some people who only visit the wiki. Also it may help to have a reminder on the wiki even if the reminder gets lost with the upgrade.

BlueZero4 04-21-2009 06:45 PM

Why is this topic in SRB2 discussion? I expected it to be in editing or editing help because the SRB2 wiki is about editing the game, not playing it.

CobaltBW 04-21-2009 07:06 PM

It's about both, actually.

The better question is why this isn't an announcement on the SRB2 Wiki itself yet.

Kuja 04-21-2009 09:42 PM

Another question.

Do they plan to keep a backup of the 1.09.4 wiki as it is now before they rewrite everything? I just feel that something is bound to go missing if this stuff isn't stashed away somewhere for reference.

Rob 04-22-2009 02:20 AM

The 1.09.4 Wiki database you see right now *is* the backup. The other database is the 1.1 database. Which, as it stands, is the 1.09.4 database with minimal changes so far.

:SonicMaster: 05-02-2009 01:51 AM

Why can't I get into the other Wiki? I have a link for it in my e-mail, when Torgo posted in your talk page.

Sonict 05-02-2009 02:08 AM

You aren't part of the dev team. I don't know how you got the link to it, but either way, it is on lock and key and you won't have access until it is public.

Rob 05-14-2009 01:40 AM

I figure I'll let you know what you can expect to find when the Wiki is reopened.

Not much is getting added. What's mostly going on is a change in lists, templates, categories, etc to match ME's list. A lot of the new things in the game won't even have pages. Every new object listed will link to a blank page.

This Wiki update is not about getting actual ME content in there. It's about preparing to be able to get ME content in there. The line in that first post "Or about a month after", would refer to me actually putting in content for that while people are still playing the game.

The reason that this is not simply being done with the Wiki open is for two reasons:
1) When the new pages would be applied, every bit of work done on them prior would be lost anyways.
2) Because of GPL, I need to keep revision history as much intact as possible, so deleting and starting things new is not much of an option.

glaber 05-14-2009 03:43 AM

Ah. So you're trying to make things as easy as possible.

Rob 05-14-2009 04:09 AM


There's no way I can get all that information and keep up work on 1.1 and have both ready for July. This is just to get it in a state where it can be worked with without hassle.

glaber 05-14-2009 04:23 AM

Since the badniks are being updated, would it be possible for users to add the history of the badnik to each badnik's page when the wiki is reopened?

Rob 05-14-2009 04:31 AM

There's nothing really to add, though. The only difference between badniks in 1.09 and ME is their sprites. Behavior hasn't changed at all.

glaber 05-14-2009 05:21 AM

Ah, but some may date back to SRB2 TGF. Examples: Blu Crawla, Red Crawla, Deton, Skim, both Jettesons?, and even Minus!

Rob 05-14-2009 04:12 PM

Then it would make infinitely more sense to make an article on SRB2's history and include them there, than to fill the page with documentation on the current enemies with useless trivia.

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