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    Rei'sen the Moon Rabbit [Touhou]

    Motherfucker, Touhou isn't anime! /banter
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    SRB2 Kart gets thrown into chaos by a pink... halfbreed?

    Coming from Gensokyo is this asshole a thread involving bringing my OC "Adelaide Brenda" who's a halfbreed of Foxgirl and Catgirl into SRB2 Kart. The attached image is literally the only sprites of her that's currently done being her Signpost/Goal Plate/Goal Sign art and Minimap Marker. The...
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    Official SUGOI trilogy port project

    Can't jump, can't go very fast, Spindash is on crack, Cramped as hell level design Annoying placements of enemies and shit. Basically I hated the level the first time around.
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    General project screenshot/video thread

    plz delete this post mods kthx 1637448417 2huchars?
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    Official SUGOI trilogy port project

    >Knowing it means round 2 of the bullshit that is "Labyrinth Of The Sky"
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    Metal Anyone v3 (dead project, check v2.5 release)

    if we are also including classic Palettes then what about S1Blue which gives him abilities based on the Metal Sonic fight from Sonic CD.
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    Adventure Sonic (SA-Sonic) Progress

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    [Reusable] Resource: Badnik Pack 1 Version 2.2.2

    I'm slightly disappointed non of these new badniks give Kirby any kind of Ability.
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    [Reusable] Cacodemon

    If you want support for a super form I could send you the super form and maybe also part of the transformation poses
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    [Reusable] Finally, Anime in SRB2

    What's wrong? Can't handle anime? wimps. btw good mod.
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    Jeck Jims' Saturn Inspired MD2's-V6 Shadow & Espio face-lifts

    requests.n64 Could you please add support for Samus and Kirby using this style?
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    [Reusable] Logan McCloud's Low Poly MD2s 2.0 (NOW WITH KART)

    Could you add support for CD Sonic?
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    [Reusable] Green Hill Zone 2D - Level Remake

    can't wait to see if you will recreate the rest of the sonic 1 levels