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    does srb2 keep ipv4s

    hello, i recently learned that ipv4s are your computers current and exact location. unless i can get photo evidence from a dev on the STJR team, im not playing online. ever.
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    every day i sometimes see a character showcase video, and they always somehow make it so that you can see the full 360 the character, and i wanna know how to do that?
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    i made a thing

    i made a roblox sonic morty, im a roblox modellf,;ew a
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    how do i record SRB2kart with obs

    i've been trying what my brother told me but every goddamn time it appears as a black box any way of fixing this?
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    how do i make characters?

    i really wanna make my overdriven metal idea but like, idk how if anyone could teach me that would be epic ---------- Post added at 06:56 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:51 PM ---------- while im at it, i might aswell ask.. 1 : is there a character mod maker 2 : would it be ok for me to...
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    [Reusable] Crawla v3.1

    does he have the E P I C md2
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    i figured out how to do the haha

    i can post funny quips at the end of my posts without writing them myself yay ---------- Post added at 12:19 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:16 AM ---------- its funny because its true and im stupid why do i exist ---------- Post added at 12:21 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:19...
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    Character ideas [will edit when more ideas come]

    i got ideas for characters! Overdriven Metal Sonic [OMS] Character select description = "Metal installed a virus and now cant get out of dash mode! However, this has taken a toll on his processors. So its best to beat stages ASAP!" overdriven metal would kinda have like a ticking meter on the...
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    Looking for CDsonic.

    well i found it, but its outdated, could anyone get in contact with the creator to bychance, update it for 2.2? how do i add those funny quips without writing them myself on each post i make
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    how do i keep the game open

    i kinda wanna show a friend on disc how fun srb2 is but whenever i go to share my screen it just closes, does anyone know how to keep it open? please awnser asap