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    [Reusable] Soniku11's Maps - A Hangout map is included

    Disco City joins the crew for a groove! here is my first actual hangout map, took me a few days to make, even tho its quite simple, but yet, enjoy it with your friends talking about everything, you can even RP on it if you want, it's a hangout map anyways, so you're free to do anything on it!
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    [Reusable] Soniku11's Maps

    Soniku11 updated Soniku11's Maps with a new update entry: A Hangout map is included Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Greenflower Speedway Mod

    Is this the third map you make? cuz looks nice, even tho despite being kinda big and laggy in some areas, i think you got future, but got some objections to make about the map. It lacks a lot of detail and decoration, which it makes it feel too empty, maybe you can do some additions in deco like...
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    [Reusable] Soniku11's Maps

    The whole thread after a long time being abandoned it got completely updated! the maps got upgraded and remaked making them better! 1619494680 Sorry for leaving MB abandoned for quite long. i completely forget about it since i created my discord server. Did a lot of stuff in the while i left...
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    SRB Dream Emulator

    All the Threads usually have an orange button called "Download", which it's common to pass by, as it usually seems it doesnt exist. The button is on the right upper corner of the page. If not, then threads use to have the files together with the pictures, at first hand in one of the categories...
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    Came back after i had struggles with Malware.

    Oh, that's unfortunate. At least it didnt made you think that was because of Srb2, lol. Cuz there are heck lot of games that have a virus by default, be an official download or not. Have you tried to do a full scan with both Windows's default antivirus, and third party one. Like Avast, or a...
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    what in the world happened here

    What i think i saw is the Character forcing itself to go back to the standing state, which provokes being crushed against the low ceiling, just like if the Character suddenly stopped once colliding with something that may be breakable, on this case, a monitor, as if the movement properties...
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    SRB Dream Emulator

    Hey, the wad as a whole asides from being kinda empty visually, but knowing where did the inspiration came from.. What do you even used to create it? Because i tried to load it on Slade and Zone Builder just to look on it by curiosity to see how it was made. But it gives me an error, saying that...
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    SRB Dream Emulator

    As far as i remember..All the scripts are activated in this order. 1-Going into the reunion room where the incognito man texture big in a wall, then look up for the tp trigger in the corners of the maps. (Im probably missing something, but another of the parts goes this way) 2- Going into the...
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    SRB Dream Emulator

    Can you be more specific where you got stuck on? If you please.
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    SRB Dream Emulator

    even knowing how random the puzzles are, it justifies it's origin, cuz the original game was same as confusing, and i love it, and its way too well done, it deserves to be a master piece. But i got a bug or something, Whenver i host it, the map where you gotta approach the shadow man that's just...
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    Inside the Final boss Background

    Yes. I know how to use Devmode. That's why i said that loading the map in Zone Builder it's the best option, as you can see every detail, respect from the Devmode minimalistic map
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    Retro Bosses + Maces and Chains

    Have in mind that Srb2 Behaviour highly changed when it got updated from 2.1 to 2.2, so it's normal that some scripts may not work when loading them into newer versions, if they´re not updated
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    SRB2 2.1

    His pc may be like "Haha, Executing Delay go Brr" after he clicked the program 20 times
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    SRB2 2.1

    he probably had the Google Chrome issue, lol. Executing 3 years later after you clicked it