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[Reusable] World RPG Alpha a0.0.0_2.0.3

Instead of iterating through all sectors, only tagged sectors are iterated through now for better performance

Fixed flat rotation being incorrect after switching to binary format temporarily

Fixed the map lump name being MAPE1 instead of MAPW1 internally

Renamed the Passage of Worlds to the World Space, and, changed the default sky and music to be more fitting
Starting with World RPG a0.0.0_2.0.3, the prefix will be Wrpg instead of L unless otherwise disputed by a staff member.
Added textbox menus to future-proof World RPG
The textbox system is now used for textbox menus instead of just the block edit menu
The block edit menu is now a proper textbox menu
Swapped the controls for toggling the existence of the block that you are located in and decreasing the block height of the block that you are located in by 8 FRACUNITs for controllers only
This is the first official alpha release of World RPG that is not a proof-of-concept version, but rather a building mode test version.

Empiralist has been renamed to World RPG
World RPG is now a 3D chunk-based top-down gametype instead of the scrapped 2.5D hud-based top-down gametype that Empiralist was
World RPG is now played at MAPW1 instead of MAPE1 to reflect the final project name
Building mode has been overhauled, and living mode now uses vanilla SRB2 controls due to the 3D transition allowing for compatibility with custom SRB2 characters
Added a WIP text box system that is only used for the block edit menu currently
World RPG now has almost full gamepad support, with the keyboard only being required to type text in the text box and to open the SRB2 escape menu
Replaced the block selection menu with the switch chunks menu to fit the 3D transition as blocks now refer to sectors that are part of an active world area chunk
The World RPG controls can now be toggled with the back button, while the home menu can now be toggled with the start button on an Xbox controller
Added the ability to open up the block edit menu in building mode by pressing enter on the keyboard or the X button on an Xbox controller
Added the ability to toggle the existence of a block by pressing the delete key on the keyboard or the B button on an Xbox controller
Added the ability to ascend the floor height of the block that you are in by 8 FRACUNITS by pressing page up on the keyboard or the A button on an Xbox controller as well as the ability to descend the floor height of the block that you are in by 8 FRACUNITS by pressing page down on the keyboard or the Y button on an Xbox controller
Removed the ability to change the spawn location for now as the 3D transition changed
The saving system has been redone as well so saves from previous versions are incompatible due to the new save format
...and many more changes than can be listed in a changelog!!!

This version was originally released on June 27, 2022.

Note for SRB2 staff: World RPG is the final name of this project and I finally made up my mind about what direction this project is going.
I may as well rename the project to World RPG starting with a0.0.0_2.0.1. I'm planning to release many different a0.0.0_2.0.x versions with x referring to the public building mode test build number so I can focus on polishing it up and get as much feedback as possible regarding the map generator and building mode, I will release it as World RPG a0.0.0_2.1 or a0.0.1 so I can have all the extra time I need to focus on improving builder mode. Also, I will be able to give players more builds to try out as building mode gets developed before I start focusing on living mode, which will start being the primary focus with a0.1.0. It is better to take your time developing a mod, even if it takes a long time than to rush out a mod if you are making a really huge mod.
After Empiralist a0.0.0_2.0 is released, then I'm going to use its source code as the foundation for World Builder a1.0.0 then when it is released this thread will be redone so all that work on Empiralist a0.0.0_2.0 doesn't go to waste. Basically, World Builder a1.0.0 is going to turn this into a simple map builder and hangout gamemode and will officially become a separate project from my dream project as my dream project is taking a different direction entirely that will not use SRB2 at all, because of the limitations.
After the release of a0.0.0_2.0, Empiralist will no longer use SRB2 and will become a standalone project, except for any patches to a0.0.0_2.0 to fix bugs and I will be experimenting with other engines due to the limitations that SRB2 has that is preventing me from implementing my dream 3D world area system.
Actually, ignore what I said about more than 8 players not being supported starting in a0.0.0_2.0 since I made an error and what I meant is that loading more than 8 world area chunks at a time is not supported starting in a0.0.0_2.0 due to the 3D transition. Only OpenGL mode is going to be supported due to the 3D transition and that part is not an error.
Starting in a0.0.0_2.0, only OpenGL mode and up to 8 players max will be supported due to the 3D transition. In the unknown future, support for more than 8 players may get readded when the group system gets added, but that is for an update later during the alpha phase of Empiralist. Also, any map files from any versions before a0.0.0_2.0 will no longer be supported without modifications being made to the map files since the 3D transition is going to change the saving and loading system. Alpha 0.0.0_2.0 should be the last proof-of-concept version of Empiralist unless bugs are found, and the first official alpha version that isn't considered proof-of-concept will be known as alpha 0.1.0.
Redone save system to use chunk system that was originally going to be implemented in a0.0.0_2.0, but with some code commented-out since the loading system is still the same, except for the fact the appropriate chunk file is loaded instead. As a result, the world size has decreased to 256x256 until a0.0.0_2.0 to prevent having to redo the loading system entirely as the loading system worked perfectly before this version.

The map is now saved and loaded from luafiles/client/Empiralist/Map_data/EMPM1/MapChunk_1_1.dat.

Fixed an issue where only the main home menu name would be used for all menus, instead of the menu name corresponding to the current menu that is open.

Note: This should be the last update before the switch from 2.5D to 3D, so it will be a good while before the next update if another emergency update does not have to be made.