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sonic the comic super sonic/fleetway
todo: make this mod good

press c1 to fire a laser

Hold Spin and you'll start floating upwards for a second, then you'll start hovering

It's a thok. wow.

if you have 30+ rings you gain multiability and a small stat boost

the color also changes depending on how many emeralds you have



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Latest reviews

played it,so lets get started on good and bad things!

First,i like the idea of Fleetway being in SRB2.I saw a same mod by a diffrent dev which was also making him in,but it didnt had any conncection to yours.

Now,im sorry,but the only good thing is the idea.Now onto those bad things.

Firstly,the CSS.Not only that he doesnt have his CSS art,but the BG of the bio is completly white.Now,the gameplay.His sprites are litreally Super Sonic,but with Fleetway's eyes.The name above the life icon could say "Fleetway" instead of "Super Sonic".His moves are not that good too.His hover is just like Super Sonic's,and i would recommend you using the fllying abillitiy like Egg Reverie Super Sonic mod since he is flying most of the time like in the comics.I havent tried out the laser yet.Also,why you made the multiabillity usable when you have 30+ rings? It would be good if you have it from the start because it would be good,especially in boss fights to escape from attacks while on foot.

Overall,its 2/5.I know its pretty much new and thats in V1,but what i got from this mod was not all
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I did not like your mod because it does not look like that Fleetway Sonic at all. Which I created from the comics. The laser is not good. The flight is also crap. Multi-Thok can not understand how it works. I hope you improve this mod to the point where I'm not going to make another Fleetway project. Which I used to do with Sonic1983 (who is now banned on MB. For he is still a fucking idiot).
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*Throws out crusty Fleetway from 3891* Know your place bootleg! The official one is here to run wild!
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Super sonic, but its kinda worse? I feel like the color changing doesn't look good, and the laser adds literally nothing.
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Welcome to releases! Moveset is pretty basic, it's essentially just super sonic without the ring drain or timer with an added laser attack, but it works well enough.
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