SRB2 Rivals (Actually a Super Mario War Mod)

[Reusable] SRB2 Rivals (Actually a Super Mario War Mod) 1.8.0

Note: video is slightly out of date

NOTE: Being a hefty file, this is a Split Archive. You will need to extract both at the same time, to the same place! You'll probably want to use 7zip for this!

It was 11:30PM on March31st, 2021. It was discovered that the infamous "Super Mario" has escaped captivity, just before the day of his execution. It would be nigh impossible to keep track of a man like that, with his astounding acrofatics leaving others in the dust. The only people would could catch up to him were those with both incredible parkour skills, and the speed to reach him on foot. Thankfully, Team Sonic fit the bill. They joined Mario's brother, Luigi, to track Mario down, causing many others to join them along the way.

In their pursuit of the agile fat man, they chased him to the mysterious island of Kartotica. A strange spell looms over the land, causing those who cross its border to be thrown into a competitive frenzy! Now Sonic, his friends, and the strange people entwined in the quest, all have only one desire... Victory in the heat of battle! They have all become... Rivals. :welcometoreleases:

Finally, its here! The long awaited remake/remaster/reboot/reimagining/rehydration/rextended cut/rewhachamacallit of SRB2 Rivals! The once all-race focused mod is back for another round, this time with a different focus on combat! Hey, we're not gonna let Battle Mod eat our lunch, SRB2 Rivals' got seniority! It's not like we don't still have Race mode, as well as Ring Collection, Capture the Flag, Tag, King of the Hill, Domination, Eggs, and more! Enjoy all the new content that we totally didn't take from anything else, whatsoever.

AFTERNOON EDIT: Okay, so by now, the jig is up. This is actually an April Fools gag, and its actually a mod of the classic Super Mario War! The team behind it hasn't done anything with the game in years, so I thought it'd be pretty open for anyone to mess with, so I did! I spent quite a bit of time on this one, and I have posted videos and screens of it before, but now its up for the public!

This mod contains several levels, one for each zone in SRB2's main campaign, more than 15 based on Kart maps, and even a few extras! There's also 4 Tour compaigns and a World, Kartotica! The mod also sports new graphics for several of the game's assets, new sound effects taken from both SRB2 and Kart, and a big soundtrack with tunes from both SRB2 and Kart as well! It's almost as complete as an expansion gets!

Sadly, there are no additional skins included in the base download because I didn't have permission to use any of my friends' skins. Mainly because I didn't bother asking. However, I have updated the files to include an example skin pack containing the SPB, and my own OC, Sarah Brash, in both her standard colors, and a color changing Team variant! Just extract to the root of your folder, and you'll find the skins in /gfx/skins/ ready to use!

The zip also includes a sprite sheet template, and a color template made by TehRealSalt, which I hope she doesn't mind me adding! We won't have anything on the forum just for skins to this, but if you make any skins, feel free to post them in the Discussion topic! Just remember, they gotta be BMP files!

Oh, and I feel the need to mention; to change bot skins in multiplayer, go to players, change them all the bots to players, then go to the character select to choose their skins, and you can turn them back into bots when they are done. You're gonna want to check player controls to know how to navigate the menu for players 2 to 4 (Example, player 2 uses WASD), but the game will remember the last skins you chose!

It's been a long time coming, so download and enjoy!
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I've somehow only found this now. I know some of the maps are shitpost due to the fact that it's an april fools joke, but the ones that aren't are actually pretty good and there's actually more stuff than I expected. I also like how you went in the extra effort to add custom tours and even a custom world map. Not a SRB2 addon, but a well made fun little SMWar mod for sure and I love seeing any new custom stuff being made for that game!
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Totaly Not Fake An %100 Cool
Upvote 1
SRB2 Rivals is best source mod ever :troll:
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About time we got a prequel to SRB2Kart. Not disappointed at all.
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