***[Just one important thing before you read everything else. All my maps are separated each 1 screenshots, as i only do 1 per map, so you can recognice which is which by just looking at them as a pack of 1 pictures per map]***


COOP: *After a long time and a lot of advance being shown on my discord server, the coop maps got updated and upgraded with a lot of stuff, as also added 2 maps more, being a pack of 5 Coop maps, they been tested tons of times and they can be properly played in Multiplayer without fearing a crash.


MATCH: *3 maps has been packed up made only for Tag and Match, they dont replace any vanilla map, but instead uses new map slots, one of them its the bring back of the mythical Doom 1 E1M1 map.


RACE: *This one has been created long time ago when i completely forgot about the MB and this thread, this one is kinda simple as it is my first race map, for now im focused on the coop ones, as i wanna do a full campaing, probably.


OTHERS: *Character Test Zone is back! didnt changed anything actually, just some small fixes like a broken tp and such, but ill probably leave it without any actual update for a long time.

*Disco City joins the crew for a groove! here is my first actual hangout map, took me a few days to make, even tho its quite simple, but yet, enjoy it with your friends talking about everything, you can even RP on it if you want, it's a hangout map anyways, so you're free to do anything on it!
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  1. A Hangout map is included

    Disco City joins the crew for a groove! here is my first actual hangout map, took me a few days...

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Yes, it got better and I can increase my grade (why can't I put 2.5?). You can read my opinion in the discussion.
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(Misleading filename!!! Name it S_Soniku11Maps-[version].pk3 because at this point it's FAR more than just Industrial Valley now).

Okay, for real? Heights Garden and Night Beach are genuinely good stages, and so is the second half of Underwater Volcano. I'm proud of you, you've actually dedicated yourself to improving your maps and it shows. I still think it's still a bit rough around the edges, but it's such a massive improvement from the previous version of your pack that I can't help but be impressed

Industrial Valley is still an absolute mess. You're best off entirely remaking it. The first half, the fire part of Underwater Volcano is also pretty unfun, although I'm really loving the water part. (Just a pro tip: to make your teleporters more seemless, mark flag [1] - Silent, and flag [9] - Retain Momentum, on your Linedef Action 412's.)
You also need to compress your music >.>

There are a few more issues I'd like to point out. I just wish the review system allowed me to send images, ugh.

Oh also, the quality of your maps has increased to the point where if you ever want to submit to OLDC, you wouldn't place poorly.
im completely unable to post anything related to modding, unless for the modding help forums, because someone in the staff disabled me the capability on posting any addon, so this is what you have, this is my only post, sadly. I asked for help on the "Talk to Staff" subforum, so they can re-enable me the post option, or in case something else happened, tell me what it was.

About the "soniku11 map pack" Its supposedly to be called "Soniku11 Match pack" or something like that, sorry if i didnt gave it the correct name, as i deleted all the content (screenshots and downloadable files) i may not have double checked the names, so it may be some small and dumb errors like those. Sorry me beforehand
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Well, the start has been given. I hope it looks better in the future.
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