From what I gather this pack has gone through quite a transformation over its lifetime, and what we have now is a real quality bunch of maps.
The maps are all visually very distinctive (and pretty), and for the most part sit in a difficulty that's both welcoming but engaging.
I would say Shivering Night is probably the outlier, not only being a bit less interesting in terms of visuals but also more awkward to drive. The combination of flat ice, waterskips and lips to get caught on can result in some frustrating races
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I will admit, before the help you were given by Fayt I felt like this map pack was just rather average. But now there is a lot of quality of life fixes that definitely help out the whole pack. Hydrocity use to bring me pain and suffering from the old jumps, but now they are extremely smooth. Plus the new buttons add some interactivity into the map. I do wish the blocks were in more spots. Gemstone Garden having its final cut removed on the last lap is a smart move that prevents last second steals due to item luck. Daytona Hell even got minor changes I think, and it has always been a guilty pleasure of mine.

I still think there are some minor things that can be worked out however. In some spots of Retrowave Rush the colormap isn't present. Perhaps some tags are missing. The hidden sneaker panels on downwards slopes in Retrowave and Hydrocity are a tad annoying the first few times through but they aren't super bad or anything. They are just a matter of learning the track. The biggest problem I have is with Shivering Night and its single item box set. I know it is a five lapper with very little ground to cover, but the one item set present is only one row. This is bad for hiding eggboxes as well as has too few items in it for larger lobbies to be fully compensated each lap (especially the start). Also why is there a single item box after the sloped U turn? If this doesn't smell like a Fayt RA thirst than I don't know what does.

I hope more people get to play this pack and have fun with it! It's come a long way!
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