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My first map, being heavily inspired from the Hilltop Zone in the vanilla kart map, it's Hilltop Peaks.

I would like feedback and criticism so I can later improve on this stage and later ones I may make.

Thank you to the people that helped me test out this level and encouraged me to keep making it.
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Latest updates

  1. Hilltop Peaks v2.1

    The beginning shortcut has been edited so slower characters have an easier time taking the...
  2. Hilltop Peaks v2

    MAJOR CHANGES: Completely redone the cave section. It is significantly easier to read, more...

Latest reviews

This is an improved circuit track over your previous version which was also a nice compliment to Sev's Hill Top Zone. It lacks a bit in Things and scenery, like more trees, bushes, or even more of the Sonic 2 Hill Top rocks. Perhaps you could also put in hazards like Orbinaut Gohla's (fiery) from Ivo's Lubrication Lagoon or even a spike or two. I kinda miss the boost pads in the previous version for the sake of going fast. Speaking of which, the beginning offroad shortcut could be shortened, as <2-speed, heavy characters will need to drive momentarily off-road to make the jump with only one sneaker. But it's doable with some finesse.

Runs perfectly fine on software and vanilla bootup. Good work, and we'd be happy to see more.
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Being your first map, this is really impressive!

I saw this on jartcast and they gave some great points like the initial start being confusing and the inside area feeling real dry compared to the rest of the track.

But its been super fun playing this with friends! Hope to see more from you
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