Fleetway Sonic is Release

[Reusable] Fleetway Sonic is Release This is 1 vesrion

It finally happened, I finished this mod, I'm glad it happened, HERE
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It's pretty good, but I kind of want to do more after flying. Can't really do anything after doing so. I feel like the laser should last at least a second longer. Also what's with people referring to Super Sonic when saying Fleetway Sonic? As if there wasn't another Sonic? The addon file does add the super, but the character name and description doesn't include it. In fact, Super Sonic is the full name for that version of Super Sonic. I'm getting picky with the name though. Maybe the way his reputation works is why you didn't include super on his name and description. Personally, I like to refer Fleetway Sonic as the normal Sonic. Nonetheless he is a really fun character to play with. Not sure about the music changes though. Also can his super form not force his theme as all times?
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It's a really great mod, but why did you steal the jump frame from CrispyPixels?
I wanted him to be like a pointy sonic, like a dropdash like to appear
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Honestly this has to be the best mod I played in awhile. The effort you put in this is just outstanding. Another person going in my servers (You can't blame me lol)
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Hey I Love It I Suggest Putting His Super Form As Dark Sonic Or Fleetway Dark Sonic
I can do it, but I'll think about it.
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For your first mod, this ain't half bad! The sprite edits are competent, and the main ability is actually pretty damn fun, ngl. Only issue I really have with him is that needing to use custom1 to use the laser kinda feels... unnecessary. I personally think it'd be better off if the laser was remapped to spin when either on the ground or not in range of any homing targets, and you allowed it to break bustable walls since it kinda outclasses spindash in every way for killing enemies. Overall, pretty fun character, really hope you put out more stuff in the future!
Then my guys thought about it
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Welcome to releases.
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