NOTE: Yes, I'm still working on this. Due to how the Resuable tag works now, 2.0 will most likely be in a new submission. Thanks for your patience!

DISCLAIMER: This mod is not associated with any other Flares in SRB2.


A new face joins the battle to stop Eggman!

A Disastrous Beginning
(This lore is heavily outdated as of late. The 2.0 thread will have a more accurate overview.)

As far as the public is concerned, Flare isn't a hero. Supposedly, he's a monster. After footage leaked of an underground experiment that he sneaked into, his reputation went south, leading to him being ejected from his hometown. With no means of survival on his own, he fled to another town to hide in safety.
Now, the mysterious Black Rock has returned to the planet's orbit, and news spreads of Dr. Robotnik's conquest of it. The opportunity to turn his life around has finally arisen for the young lizard!
Will he be successful, or does fate have other plans? Find out next time, on Sonic Robo Blast X!


Flare's jump strength is second to none, and he gets up to speed fast!
Of course, that's not all he's got:

Fire/Spin - Flame Shot

With the press of a button, Flare can launch a ball of fire. Blast Badniks anywhere, anytime, at almost any distance!

FireNormal - Flamethrower (Classic only)

Need something a little more aggressive? Hold FireNormal to torch that pesky blockade! You can't move while using this, and jumping will stop the stream.

Double Jump - Tail Swipe

Those plates aren't just for show! Take Flare for a spin with the Jump button - press multiple times for a rapid rotation!

Spin - Spindash/Roll (Classic only)

While standing still, hold down Spin to drop to the ground and rev up, then release to shoot off with a burst of flame! Alternatively, tap it while moving to curl up and knock down anything in your way.

Passive - Fire Immunity

For better or worse, the experiment Flare was caught in changed his life forever. A side effect of this? Fire and lava can't hurt you! Watch out for some lava falls, though - if the falls don't kill you, the void will.

Other Features
  • A fully sprited and stat-tweaked Super form - make sure you get those Emeralds!
  • Firing animations for several situations!
  • Kirby and Dirk compatibility!

Special Thanks
  • Logan8r - for providing the Fire Immunity code!
  • NARbluebear - for putting up with my coding questions prior to me joining the official SRB2 Discord.
  • Monster Iestyn, Mars, Tatsuru, Zipper and SMS Alfredo - for coding help.
  • #spriting - for opinions and critism on the Tail Swipe and fireworks sprites.
  • So2ro, Scrungus, the Vibe Server and the SRB2 Discord - for their support and suggestions!
  • Everyone on the Discord and here for feedback/bug reports!
  • Katmint for the original Revised Ability code used for fixing Tail Swipe.

As my first vanilla SRB2 mod, it was certainly a far cry from making a Kart mod. I definitely feel like I've learnt a few things about the spriting process, Lua coding and matching the SRB2 artstyle. I hope you enjoy playing as Flare!

From 1.8 onwards, the download features two versions: The main file, which simplifies Flare's moveset down to Jump and Spin to make him more inline with the vanilla cast; and the "classic" version, which uses 1.7's control scheme. Hopefully this will please everyone. Let's be realistic, though: it won't.

Currently known bugs
  • The shooting sprites for riding ropes / Tails Call only show up for a split second. Apparently this has more to do with their programming and not Flare's. This also allows Flare to shoot much more rapidly while hanging or riding minecarts.
  • Brak Eggman cannot hurt Flare while invulnerable just by touching him. This is due to Brak's electric barrier having fire-related flags. He can, however, deal damage when the barrier is down.
  • Due to an oversight, twinspin characters with a secondary jump ability will have said ability overriden. Similarly, characters who don't curl into a ball while jumping can use their aerial ability multiple times.

1.0 - Debut
  • Initial release

1.5 - the "Why Wasn't This Already A Thing?" Update
  • Brought top speed up for both forms - base form now matches the vanilla cast's speed
  • Changed camerascale while Super
  • Added fuse time to the roll's spintrail
  • Moved Fireball to Fire
  • Disabled shield abilities to prevent Tail Swipe interference
  • Changed Tail Swipe hit particles
  • Fixed Tail Swipe not repeating on Jump - thanks to Katmint for the Revised Ability code
  • Changed skinname to flarethelizard due to most people trying that
  • Re-added Dirk compatibility after removing it early in development
  • Several sprite-based tweaks, mainly to fix features at certain angles
  • Several audio tweaks to add some extra flare

1.7 - the SIGSEGV Removal Update
  • Fireballs revamped - they now use Brak's flamethrower object, which are far less likely to SIGSEGV or cause visual glitches
  • Added Flamethrower ability
  • Various extra sprite tweaks
  • Moved Tail Swipe completely to Jump and brought over missing code from Katmint's Revised Abilities
  • Re-enabled shield abilities
  • Fixed audio bug from 1.5 where the music would suddenly start or stop instead of fading in or out

1.8 - streamlining
  • Simplified Flare's moveset and removed Flamethrower and Spindash from main file
  • More sprite tweaks

1.9 - minor fixes
  • Fixed a bug where Flare's super form would default to base form's RunShot sprites
  • Cleaned up unnecessary sprites in main file
  • Fixed an inconsistency in the main file's CSS

Supporters / CoAuthors

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