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Encore Mode - In beta; Multiplayer only 2021-03-07

Returning from 2.1 and making its way to 2.2, Encore mode from Sonic Mania Plus!

In this mode, you start with one character (Sonic by default) and take on through the main campaign with a whole new twist. Mainly, this mode's life counter depends on how many characters you have in your stock. Once you lose all of your characters, its game over! Many exclusive monitors for this mode are scattered around the map, replacing a few existing ones.

Character Monitor:


This monitor gives you a new character to play as. If you're down to one character, your new one adds to your stock as a character to switch on the fly. Anymore characters above 2 will add on to your stock. To switch characters, press the "toss flag" button!

Character Swap Monitor:


By breaking this monitor, the character that you're using will be swapped with the character on the far left of your stock list. Handy when you want to swap out a character for a new one to play as.

Random Character Monitor:


By breaking this monitor, it will randomize the order of your characters. Be wise and try not to test your luck too much.

When you obtain all characters, the Character monitor will cycle through the swap and random monitors.

This mode is exclusive to multiplayer so this mode goes in its own gametype. With Encore mode being in its own gametype, Host and Admins can switch between normal and encore modes. You can even play custom levels with the new gametype and monitors will replace random monitors scattered in the map.

What encore monitor will replace?
Swap and Random monitors: Any monitor aside from Power Sneakers, Invincibility, and Eggman monitors.
Character monitors: Extra life monitors.

To do:
- Make this mode compatible with Single Player. This includes:
- The ability to choose between modes when you start the game.
- Bot support so they act like a 2nd character in your stock.
- Custom encore stages out of SRB2's main campaign(?)
- Have the gametype allow to collect emeralds in the game. Right now, SRB2 has a
bug when the multiplayer special stage properties won't load in custom gametypes!

Tripel - Original lua script from Plus.wad
Jimita - Edit of lua, with Tripel's permission

Port of the mod, mostly from SRB2 Encore done by me with some additions.
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