DeltaChars v1

Not gonna lie this mod is definitely the best mod I've ever played, the characters sprites are REALLY beautiful and the moveset isn't complicated like some mods who give the characters alot of moveset I don't like these I just like the moveset being simple and fun! I honestly really love the little dialogues throughout the game this mod definitely deserves the 5 stars.
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great attention to detail and spectacular team synergy! genuinely makes it feel like i'm playing a different game at times.
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This mod is so great it convinced me to finally play deltarune chapter 2 and reminded me just how much I loved Susie as a character.

"Kris, where the HELL are we this time?"
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It's very good.
Like god damn-

One thing is though....
could you make it compatible with BuddyEx?

it'd be kinda funny to see the Fun Gang meet other characters with dialogue as well.

of course this is just a suggestion
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This is one of the best SRB2 mods I have ever played. The characters are so smooth, their mechanics blend together well, and It's DELTARUNE for frick's sake! It's perfect! Everyone should try this addon.
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is very good the mod
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I used DeltaChars for a bit now, and I literally made an account just to review it because of how spectacular it is. Every piece of action in the single player campaign is outstanding, and everyone in the dialogue is written so in-character, I'm almost convinced you got Toby himself to come down and write it.

Without spoiling the experience, the new content gave me an excuse to play through the entire campaign again, and I loved the additional story added on to the game through it, along with the few little Easter Eggs I've also been able to see.

This character pack actually feels like it's a proper trio like the Fun Gang/$?$? Squad/Lancer Fan Club SHOULD be. No one character feels more powerful than the other, and using them in conjunction yields great results with the seamless on-the-fly switching mechanic. My favorite abilities of the trio have to go to Ralsei, who's great for dealing with the more annoying enemies in the game with his Pacify ability, plus his Scarf Swipe and Ember Twirl make platforming a breeze.

All in all, this is a perfect mod. It's a fun experience all the way through, and easily one of the top mods of the year in my opinion.
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This is everything a person could want from a deltarune-in-a-sonic-game mod.
It stays very true to the source material while also taking the rpg characters into a platforming environment perfectly.
Kris's movement in particular flows really well,
Susie's rude buster, while a little busted, (pun not intended) is really fun to screw around with,
Ralsei's charge-jump gimmick is really neat and the additional pacifist mechanic that Ralsei has is a neat change of pace.
On top of that, chaining moves between all 3 characters is really fun and easy to do.
Want to dash as kris to build speed, use a rude buster to get a distance jump, and then charge ralsei's pacify-jump for an intense height boost? 100% possible.
i would also love to talk about how much i love the secrets but i'll save that for when people have actually had time to know what they are.
i give this a [1997]/10
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This addon is like a magical dream coming true, right out the bat, this addon feels well made, even it's got talking on it and everything, even the dream i had when i was 14 finally came true thanks to this addon.
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*SPOILER* (I Think)
A Goddamn 100/10 Super-well deserved!
We all love deltarune!
The only thing glitch i've found, it's just that when you get all the Chaos Emeralds, Ralsei (every time you get to a new act) will start saying the ''We got them all'' every time you open the game into a new act.
I's not that annoyning but still, can you fix it please?
And again a 100 out of 10!
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terrible mod 0/10 berdly not in it

in all seriousness i have been waiting so long for this mod and i can confidently say it was worth the wait after 7 years in development
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Finally, our waiting puzzle is over.
And it's finally out! I can't believe that this mod is this good, all the time put into it waiting was worth it. (sorry for being overexcited) I can't wait to play this in singleplayer (because i was busy hosting yesterday, i had to keep my promise) and to main Susie. It really was worth the wait.
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If I could, I would give this six stars. Just really amazing and made with so much love and attention to detail. Each character compliments each other so well in their abilities. It's truly one of the only "team" packs that feels like a real team where each character is necessary. Admittedly, I don't use Frisk often, but even so, they are still useful in a lot of scenarios, especially in water or low gravity conditions when you just need a moderate jump and a way to accelerate quickly. Otherwise, really amazing. Already love most of the character mods by this creator and this is easily their best yet
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This may not due with deltachars at all, but I need to say this.

When the trailer came out for this mod I was hyped as hell. I loved deltarune, I loved srb2. So wtf would I not want it? So I waited, and waited, and over time my love for deltarune and ut as a whole was starting to drain, mostly due to getting tired of the fandom, It boiled down to lots of **** **, Drama and arguments, and me basically seen these characters literally due everything at this point. I mean there's only so much you can make with a 20 dollar game and 2 chapters of a second one. So I left the fandom, took a really long break, and during that break, I found games with while not perfect, fandoms that are more friendly then ut in general.

When it seemed like I would never return, due to the joy that the other games brought me, this mod dropped out of literally nowhere almost 2 years later. Deltarune? Completely abandoned. Srb2? Mostly got bored and stopped being as active. But I did a playthough and god dangit kris, it was so good. The dialogue, the sprites, the moveset, so much work and effort was put into this mod! You really could've just made 3 characters and that's it, but no, you made dialogue for every level, funny unexpected and cool moments everywhere, little minor details even in the smallest places, GOSH DARNET stephen, you're like toby fox himself! I can't thank you enough for the incredible mod you made, and it's defiantly my favorite srb2 char of all time. (Other than mario bros)

It has now reawakened the love I had for ut as a whole, and I can't thank you and everyone that put so much work into this incredible mod enough.

But I'm just saying, a secret boss for getting all the emeralds WOULD'VE made this even better. Just saying. :)
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Absolutely a fun mod. Played through the entire single player campaign in one session with this and might do it again!
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I can certainly say that this is officially my character of the year, it's so much fun to use that I probably won't use any other characters after these (maybe).
A must try character for sure, maybe a bit too overpowered if you go all-in with Susie, but fun as a result.
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My new favorite mod, Dear GOD do I love this.
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SRB2 characters and what I'll dub myself "Third Party" characters (the ones who aren't Sonic ones or Sonic-related OCs) don't mix well at all. When I see characters I like from a series that isn't Sonic and happens to be a fully playable character, I'm often left disappointed when they end up being mediocre or at worse fustratingly unplayable. But I have been proven wrong with mods such as Kanade, Kiryu, Di GI Karat, and Plague Knight.

When I heard talks of a Deltarune mod I kept my expectations extremely low since even well-developed or good-looking mods can end up being mediocre. But this, this blew me out of the fucking water. It actually blew my mind with how well it was developed. Everyone is in character, everyone plays extremely well (besides some EXTREMELY small nitpicks *cough cough Susie's basic jump*), and dear god was it worth the year (or was it two years?) wait.

I don't want to bore everyone with my experience with each character (and to keep spoilers to a minimum since I have to write my thoughts down NOW). This has to be one of my top 3 favorite mods ever, not the #1 spot but definitely in my top 3.

If you haven't played this please do so. The character switching, secrets, etcetera are so worth it.

I would love to see more playable characters, or even just one more since I can definitely wait another year for them to come out.

Thank you DrStephen!
-signed Berdly's #1 fan
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69420/10 i like deltarune
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