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Fickle Hearts
Version: beta 4, by fickleheart (ms reflec beat stan) fickleheart is offline
Developer Last Online: Mar 2019

Category: Version: SRB2 Kart Rating: (5 votes - 4.80 average)
Released: 01-02-2019 Last Update: Never Installs: 1
Multiplayer Levels Is in Beta Stage

This is my catch-all Kart course pack, Fickle Hearts by me, fickleheart. (What a creative name!) It presently has 5 race course, 2.1 hidden race courses, and 2 battle courses. This is an MB beta, and will be updated in the future with more tracks and improvements to existing tracks.

Most of the tracks here currently were tested primarily on normal kartspeed. I'd suggest using that if you host with this unless people are already accustomed to these courses. They're also unfinished visually, but since they're relatively complete functionally I felt they were ready to release.

Spoiler: Music sources

(MAPF1) Seaside Labyrinth: Seaside Labyrinth from beatmania IIDX 24 SINOBUZ
(MAPF2) Viridian Cliffside: FOREST SNOW 2 from pop'n music 18
(MAPF3) Clock Towers K: Fly far bounce from Nostalgia
(MAPF4) Downhill Jam: Snowfield Express from pop'n music Sunny Park
(MAPF5) Honeybee Industry: ZEPHYRANTHES from New Generation 2016 (IIDX copula, Jubeat Qubell, etc)

(MAPFG) Gay Energy: CANDY from DDR MAX
(MAPFH) Crazy Eights: Trim from DDR Supernova 2

(MAPFL) Vessel Vendetta: Shishikasumu uruwashi no mai from beatmania IIDX 24 SINOBUZ
(MAPFM) Mansion Maze: "Schall" we step ? ~I'd love to~ from pop'n music eclale OST

Spoiler: Known issues

  • Clock Towers K's rotating clock hands have funky collision and don't have tops. This is a limitation of how I used the polyobject here and I can't do much about it.
  • Downhill Jam has a lot of awkward turns and the ending stretch kind of sucks. I need to suck it up and redo those parts...
  • A lot of the maps have pretty funky layering quirks with their skyboxes if you go into spectator mode and fly to various high-up spots. I tried to reduce occurrences of this, but I design the maps primarily for viewing as a racer and I'm not concerned with fixing visual quirks for the spectator camera if they're too much hassle to deal with.

Download Now

File Type: pk3 KRB_fhrts_b4.pk3 (8.05 MB, 96 views)


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Name:	kart0259.png
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Name:	kart0387.png
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ID:	18021  

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Old 01-02-2019   #2
Worst Ranked 'Kart Player
D00D64's Avatar

Welcome to releases! I won't write up about all the maps, but I must say the visual techniques showed off among these maps is some amazing work! Yeah, some visuals are clearly unvinished, but I still love what you've done so far! I also think Crazy Eights fills both the need for a Stadium map, and a good original take on the Baby Park/Luigi Circuit GCN concept of racers being able to dogpile all their items at eachother on clashing paths. Can't wait to try these maps out in a proper big netgame!
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Old 01-02-2019   #3
AKA Superjustinbros
AozoraJustin's Avatar

These are some excellent (albeit kinda challenging) maps- great to see them finally released!
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Old 01-14-2019   #4
ms reflec beat stan
fickleheart's Avatar

- Fixed a checkpoint issue in Crazy Eights that would have made finishing a lap impossible in 1.0.2.
- Added MUSICDEF so that music credits will display in-game once 1.0.2 releases.
- Added two new maps! Honeybee Industry, a race map, and Mansion Maze, a battle map. I haven't tested these extensively so they're likely to have some issues.

(Honeybee Industry is in its own incomplete cup right now, since I don't have four more maps to fill it out. Its map slot may change when some of those are made, since I'm not super-fond of it being the first map in a cup.)
OK Google, define "hubris".
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Old 01-26-2019   #5
Julie Hikari
Julie Hikari's Avatar

Just thought I'd bring this up since yesterday a couple of people weren't able to clear this one jump in Clock Tower K for the entire duration of a shrink.

This jump in partictular (I tried it offline this time)

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Old 02-03-2019   #6
ms reflec beat stan
fickleheart's Avatar

BETA 3: Where I actually fix stuff in the maps!
  • Viridian Cliffside:
    • Widened the bridge U-turn just a tad at the turning point
    • Made the big jump descent quicker so players land in a better position for the turn after
    • Changed the finish line color to hopefully improve directioning (no I will not add another arrow the ending already has too many)
    • Randomized item box positions so fakes blend in better
  • Gay Energy:
    • Made the bowl less painful
    • Fixed starting points so leaders spawn in the back
    • im gay
  • Crazy Eights:
    • Randomized item box positions so fakes blend in better
  • Clock Towers K:
    • Extended lip and added a booster so the big ramp can be cleared while shrunk
    • Added a minor offroad cut right after the big ramp
    • Added an arrow to the final turn
    • Randomized item box positions so fakes blend in better
  • Downhill Jam:
    • Changed the music (you brought this on yourselves by trying to get me to put Sonic music in all the other maps :|)
    • Removed some of the fences at the end of section 1, and a couple at the end of section 3
    • Tried to make the bridge spiral a little bit nicer
    • Randomized item box positions so fakes blend in better
  • Honeybee Industry:
    • Removed slope physics in a few areas where they were painful
    • Changed arrow textures to stand out more
    • Tweaked the slopage going into the hive to hopefully make the bottom path more visible
    • Adjusted the road after the U-turn to flow better into the hexagon structure
    • Added a death plane by the springs
    • Adjusted the turn before the falling segment to hopefully make the paths more visible, and removed boosters
    • Connected the lower path of the falling segment together to hopefully make it more desirable
    • Removed half of the boosters right after the finish line and realigned the finish banner's texture properly
  • Converted to PK3, now please shut up about it
OK Google, define "hubris".
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Old 02-09-2019   #7
DDR junkie
GigaLem's Avatar

This is a really good track pack, Plus Bemani music too. Can't get enough of it.
My only issue with one of the tacks is the clock tower track with one of its turns. It's right after the spiral turn. I have to position myself to pass the turn without hitting any walls. Basically making the turn less of a turn and more of just "driving through pylons"

I look forward to whatever you can (or want) to make next. Personally I'd want a track with Endymion for the song but uh this isn't the place for requests.
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Old 1 Day Ago   #8
ms reflec beat stan
fickleheart's Avatar

  • Rearranged the race maps!
    • Fickle Hearts now consists of Seaside Labyrinth, Viridian Cliffside, Clock Towers K, Downhill Jam, and Honeybee Industry in that order
    • Gay Energy and Crazy Eights are now hidden, primarily because this pack is a mainstay on two of the most popular servers and they were coming up more than they needed to
    • Fickle Diamonds is taking a temporary hiatus until more maps arrive for it
  • Added a new map: Seaside Labyrinth, with music of the same name
  • Clock Towers K: Clock hands now spin clockwise (and slightly faster) in Encore Mode
  • Downhill Jam:
    • Fixed the shortcut by the spiral bridge being doable without any boost
    • Made the spiral bridge jump a little less miserable
    • Fixed a checkpoint issue in section 3 that allowed people to cheese the item roulette
  • Gay Energy: Reduced the map brightness a bit
  • No, Battle Plus is still not supported. When I can do it without losing record attack support or requiring another file, I will
OK Google, define "hubris".
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