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You Are The Skybox (yrts.lua)
Version: 1.0, by Steel Titanium Steel Titanium is offline
Developer Last Online: Feb 2018

Category: Version: SRB2 Rating:
Released: 04-15-2017 Last Update: 02-14-2018 Installs: 0
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Let the whole game revolve around you, YES, YOU! As you go on a grand adventure! Using P_SetSkyboxMobj, you can now become the skybox, and experience the most greatest pyschadelic (conceited) adventure yet!

Notice:There is currently no way that I know of to set the skybox camera height, so there will be HOMs in some maps.

List of commands:
  • iamtheskybox - Makes you the skybox for the current level.
  • playerskybox - Make any player the skybox, server or admin only. Only works with player node number for now.
  • currentplayerskybox - Gets the current player skybox.
  • resetskybox - Resets the skybox to level default(if there is one). (Server/admin only).
  • yrts_help - Shows a list of commands/variables.

List of variables:
  • yrts_cooldown - (Server/admin only), sets how long the player has to wait before they can use the command 'iamtheskybox' again. Default is "15"
  • yrts_perm - (Server/admin only) sets if any player can become the skybox, or only server host/admin can make a player the skybox. "All" to allow any player, or "Server" to require a server host/admin.

Special thanks to MonsterIestyn and Rapidgame7 for coding assistance.

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Welcome to Releases!
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Hey, didn't I see this on a netgame once?
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Originally Posted by MarioFreak2001 View Post
Hey, didn't I see this on a netgame once?
Yes. It was being tested
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