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Version: 2.0.3, by Rapidgame7 (pressure pressure pressure) Rapidgame7 is online now
Developer Last Online: Mar 2017

Category: Version: SRB2 Rating: (2 votes - 3.60 average)
Released: 01-02-2017 Last Update: 01-11-2017 Installs: 1
Scripts Sprites/Graphics

(Old screenshot)

What is Possession about?
When the Master Emerald spawns, players are tasked on finding the rock in the map. Once found, the player that collected it has to possess it until time runs out, while his opponents have to kill him to retrieve the emerald for the same goal.

The catch? Whoever is carrying the emerald will become vulnerable: The carrier will become unable to shoot, unable to obtain any shields, and unable to use mid-air abilities like thokking, flying or gliding! And even worse, a single hit by anything will render this player dead, regardless of how many rings the player has collected!

A game is finished when a player is successful in holding the rock for 50 seconds without dying.

Spoiler: V1.0 GIFs (old)

(I'm making a few GIFs for 2.0 soon!)

Configuration stuff
Spoiler: Some CVars
possession <1|0>
Enables or disables possession. When enabled, it will only function in match or team match gamemodes.

poss_tospawntime <value>
(Default: 5)
Time in seconds to spawn the Master Emerald after the map has loaded.
The minimum value is 1, the maximum is 600.

poss_holdtime <value>
(Default: 50)
Time in seconds that a player has to hold the emerald to win the round. The minimum value is 1, the maximum is 600.

Miscellaneous stuff
Spoiler: ToDo and known bugs/problems
  • Get 2.x screenshots for this page!
  • Find a way to make a working angle radar
  • Create a dedicated emerald spawn object for custom maps
  • More settings?
  • Animate the Master Emerald, probably
  • Because games in small maps tend to drag on, maybe add an option to decrease the time needed to win (until reaching a minimum) by an amount everytime a carrier dies.

Known bugs/problems:
  • The Master Emerald can get stuck in certain places, unable to be retrieved.

Spoiler: Changelog

- Shield monitors now play sfx_lose when they are popped by the carrier, and no shields are awarded afterwards.
- The "RINGS" display is crossed out when carrying the emerald.
- An "X" graphic is also displayed in the place of the shield icons.
- Fixed a little bug that sent the win message twice.
- Added two global Lua functions (POSS_GetPlayerWithRock and POSS_InPossRound).

- The time left counter now returns to 0 when it finds itself being smaller than 0.

- I forgot to check for player.valid.

- Time left counter now blinks red and plays a sound when time left is at 10 seconds or lower.
- The radar is a bit more precise.

2.0: HUD update!

- Revamped HUD
More visuals! (Emerald sprite at the bottom right)
Less words! (Removed "DIST", "Carrier", "Possession", and some other text)
More compact! (Current carrier and time left on top of the emerald in the HUD)
New Emerald Hunt style Radar™! (Beeps when you get closer to the emerald)
And a little ugly height checker that points where's the emerald in relation to your position. (Pretty much that)
- Fixed Master Emerald not spawning when emeralds are disabled.
- Something I forgot to document

Initial release

Spoiler: Special thanks
Special thanks to:
  • TehRealSalt, for helping me on making the HUD look neater and for understanding some code.
  • DarkTechno, for helping me get a bunch of 1.0 screenshots.
  • Sapheros, for the square X thing in the HUD.
  • AxelMoon, for some nice enchilada 10/10.
  • More people, that have helped me in different ways but I forgot their names.

Included in the attachements there is a little reskin for the emerald (enchilada.wad) that used to be as an inside joke, but I decided to include it.
It was originally designed for 1.0, but except for a few visual artifacts, it is fully functional.
If you plan on using it, make sure to load Possession first!

Last update: 2.0.3 on 1/12/17

I've added two Lua functions for those that would like to implement support for Possession for their characters. (That is, giving them weaker attributes when holding the emerald. *evil laughter track plays*)

Download Now

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File Type: zip (43.2 KB, 52 views)

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/me FLEX ᕦ(◉ᴥ◉)ᕥ
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Welcome to releases!
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Sonicboy The Hedgehog
^ is really "Axel Moon".
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Nipples The Enchilada Mode was totally worth it. But the overall gametype is fun as hell. Testing it even early on was fun. =P
The best medium is an extra large.
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The Guy that Destroys stuff
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Wow, this sounds fantastic, i cant wait to give it a try. If i encounter any bugs il report them to you.
I am also on super mario boards as Kirby
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Off and on
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ayy it got released!

Nice work Rapid!
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Reminds me of Shine Thief from Mario Kart: Double Dash
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