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Mach Speed - Can't Stop The Blur! Details »»
Mach Speed - Can't Stop The Blur!
Version: , by Dimpsuu (Dimpsy) Dimpsuu is offline
Developer Last Online: Jun 2019

Category: Version: SRB2 Rating: (1 votes - 3.40 average)
Released: 04-11-2014 Last Update: Never Installs: 1
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So I recently got the idea that I wanted to make a new WAD for the SRB2 Skybase (It was a sprite rip, BTW), that being the Blue Falcon from F-Zero. And I was gonna add a Lua script which made it so you had to hold down the Spin Button in order to move, much like most racing games' controls. However that lead into a complete accident when caused me to turn it into something different, something more than just another fancy way of moving (Though I will still try making said script eventually). This is why I am bringing you, the Mach Speed from Sonic '06. Yes this means that you will be constantly running with no stop whatsoever, so this should be a good challenge for those that want to beat a stage while constantly moving really fast.
Sadly the only thing I couldn't get working is automatically running at the beginning. I was having technical difficulties getting the running animation to work, but either you'd be stuck in one frame of run, or stood still until you jumped. Instead I made it so you start auto-running once you push forward a little bit. I know it's a let-down but oh well.
Anyways I mainly still went with making this script because now I'm kinda hoping people could make some use out of it by making Mach Speed stages based on Sonic '06, regardless of them being kinda bad.
And without further ado, enjoy this little fun script.

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Originally Posted by Frostay
Yeah fuck you too you insufferable twat.
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Spriting and lazing around
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Well, the dreaded Mach Speed mode has returned from Sonic 06! Now all we need is to play Wave Ocean - The Inlet, and we're all set to go!

I'd like to see who can beat SRB2 with this. Impossible, I imagine.
See my awesome sprite sheets & stuff!

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The Zero Team

Originally Posted by FieryExplosion View Post
Now all we need is to play the Wave Ocean Mach Speed theme, and we're all set to go!
I'm very tempted to go snatch it down, add a loop point, make it a wad, upload it to, and link it into the text "You rang?".
But I'm being forced to bed now, so I can't. (23:16 / 11:16 PM here where I live.)
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This mod is hilariously fun to use.
But you can't even beat metal sonic's fight phase as sonic, it's impossible.
From Cave Story
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Can You Make A Command To Enable and Disable It?
I'm Sonic (Just Kidding)
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Octavio The HedgeFox
I'm not a flat surface.
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Awesome mod! it could be usefull with custom stages with... really long hallways, i guess.
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