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Default SRB2 wads

Hello. I'm new here, but I know how to play SRB2 really well. Anyways, I would like to release some UNFINISHED wads for SRB2 that me and a SRB2 player known as ZX made.

Download is <admin edit: not> here:

Flare can fly higher that Tails, and looks like a red Sonic.
Zero isn't as fast as Sonic, but has his thok ability. He looks like Tails, in a different color (I forgot which one)
Otome is really just a Hinote wad with a different life icon and life name, and has a different color for 1p. nothing changed besides that.

ZX made the wads. I only did some work on Flare.wad, but ZX worked on all three wads, so he gets more credit than me.

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Default Recolors

Although I have not downloaded these wads yet, I can tell that these wads are recolors. Did you have any permission from Hinote or even ZX to even release these wads? I don't think putting more recolors in srb2 is a good idea. Sorry if I offended anyone.
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Editing is not releases. To release your work go to the Submissions section of the forums.
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