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I think people should just take a break and start this back up when 2.1 comes out.
That guy who pretends to make maps while he fails at it.
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Playing your heartstrings
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Since when does the OLDC have maps only made by devs? That's a stupid and unfounded statement, because if you look at the past OLDC's, most of the maps have been made by NON devs. Even this time, we had Zipper, Scizor300, and RedEnchilada, and Root, none of whom are ops. The devs stepping up and entering the OLDC is actually a rarity, except for Blade and KOTE, who regularly participate.

And once again, I must say that it's not that people didn't want to do this. Rather, people need encouragement, support, and backing. Morale needs to be kept high. It was going well at a nice pace, and then our project leader sort of... left?
A dome structure? something that could be filled with diatomaceous earth?

Last edited by Charybdizs; 07-07-2012 at 05:10 PM. Reason: It wasn't meant to be an intensive list, but Root being the only one I left out, that sounded a bit mean.
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Default Are you still recruiting for this?

I hate to bump this if this collab is already dead, but I was thinking about taking one of the levels after a little more practice with Doom Builder (I have most basic building down, now its just learning advanced FOFs and sector detailing...). I'm particularly interested in Cryonic City/Frost Factory or Zany Ziggurat zone. I get the theme of the city (a giant cryogenics lab), but mind explaining Zany Ziggurat's theme better? From what I can guess, it's an ancient ruin world, right?
Currently trying out 2.1.
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